Rallye Monte Carlo New & electric energies


The issue of sustainable mobility, crossing the work of the INTA Communities of Competence, will focus on the issue of electric and new energies cars, particularly within the Community of Competence of Urban Services. Many members of INTA are undertaking this subject, as industrials or local governments, aware of the challenges of this industrial chain.

The Automobile Club of Monaco for the 13th time is challenging technological innovations in a race based on the regularity of the vehicle rather than its speed. This initiative can help popularize thoughts on renewable energy, about which, still within the CC on Urban Services, INTA will organize a round table in May in Aberdeen on the implementation of renewable energy's hubs.

rallyemontecarloBut what is the real impact of this kind of events on the improvement of sustainable mobility? INTA will be in Monte Carlo to check this out!

The Monte Carlo Rally on New and Electric Energies is a regularity event open to electric vehicles, natural gas, LPG, hydrogen, E85 or gasoline and diesel (with particles filter) that produce less than 115 g CO2 / km. The Urban Electric participate only at the last day in Nice's hinterland (arrival and departure from Monaco).

The 13th edition will take place from 22-25 March 2012 along with the Ever show (Ecological Vehicles and Renewable Energies International Conference & Exhibition:

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