Masterclass: How planning help medium-sized cities to improve their…

Are the middle-sized cities the winners of the post corona? How resilient (strong and lasting) is the territorial reshuffle to the benefit of the medium sized cities? Are the large cities continuing to grow? Is the focus on medium sized cities leading to more fragmentation of our territories? Does… Read more

Celebration of World Cities Day

INTA was present at the Urban Thinkers Campus organized on October 27, 2020 by UCLG-Africa, through its Secretary General Michel Sudarskis. This intervention took place within the framework of an Urban Lab, on the theme "Understanding and mastering the principles of sustainable urbanization and the… Read more
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Implementar ciclovías seguras de alto impacto y aceptadas por la ciudadanía

Do you have to implement a bike path project? Since the beginning of the pandemic, many cities have implemented these infrastructures. However, for the professionals responsible for these projects, the task has not been easy at all. Sometimes they have had to overcome a lot of resistance, sometimes… Read more

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Lyon, Montpellier, Rennes

In closing these columns, I could not help but mention urban planning assistants who, like me, worked in the 1990s for the city "desirable development, rethinking the city to live better together, from the city that commands to the city that creates". Let Jean-Louis Violeau speak in his book Les… Read more
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The Brutality of Political Relations?

Eric Sadin has just published a very instructive book on the evolution of individualism, the passage to the era of the tyrant individual. It comes from afar. The liberal individualism from the eighteenth century, which was supposed to allow each and everyone to be free with equal rights and a… Read more

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MauriceCharrierA new year is beginning without the pandemic that has affected all of us so strongly being stopped. Contrary to what the most optimistic people thought almost a year ago we will still have restrictions [...]
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