Maurice Charrier half-year point

Dear friends,

We are entering the last months of the mandate of the Board elected or reelected like me, in December 2016 for a 3 years term, at the General Assembly held in Lisbon at the occasion of the 40th Congress.

Let have a moment of nostalgia: it was the last public appearance of the honorary president, our friend, Henry Chabert who died in January 2017 and still alive in our memory.

Final stretch of a mandate that has allowed INTA to open up to new spaces (rural areas after new towns, urban, and suburban places), to new topics of urban policies (health and well being), to new modes of operation (interactive breakfasts, renewed vocational training), to new partners...

These elements reflect our fundamental vision and position: on the one hand the non-dogmatic horizontal, systemic approach which allows the taking into account of the changes, transformations and ruptures imposed on cities by the globalized world; on the other hand, the close relationship, the urban continuum, linking cities and rural / natural spaces whose integration has been recognized by the Quito Conference in 2016. Since, other institutions and public or private urban actors joined our position and that forces us to continually innovate in terms of urban development concepts and policies. We are forerunners and we want to remain ahead.

This is stimulating because the context is changing rapidly - economic uncertainties, tyranny of the short-term where narrow management sometimes takes precedence over global approach. There are still many battles to fight: climatic and ecological transitions, widening of social and spatial inequalities, demographic and migratory upheavals, narrowing of the role of the State in territorial policies, financialization of urban development with its speculative bubbles, democratic rather than technological production of the city of tomorrow...

Thus, we shall keep the course of the general interest and pursue our mission with the tools we master and that made our repute: urban strategies, panels, offbeat vocational training, interactive seminars, Pilot Healthy Places programme…

All these activities will culminate in December 6th with the INTA43 Congress, an event of a new type: 24h around with INTA, its members and partners, in Paris (the place will be confirmed in September). But most of the interventions will take place through means of communication of our time; the idea being not to impose unnecessary travels and expenses on our members and to reduce our ecological footprints on our planet: our contribution to the ecological transition!

I have no doubt that the next Governing Board will be keen to continue with the help and support of a few elders on the path laid out. Thanks to the international secretariat for its unwavering ardour in administering our association. We wish all the best to Lola Davidson who, after 11 years at the INTA's secretariat, is leaving for other skies. We will soon introduce her successors.

I will return to you with other news after the Board meeting on September 21st.

Maurice Charrier
INTA President
Honorary Vice President of Greater Lyon, France

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Dear friends,
We are entering the last months of the mandate of the Board members elected or reelected like me, in December 2016 for a 3 years term...
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