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Dear Colleagues

On the side-line of our 40th Congress, which was a success thanks to our hosts -the Municipality of Lisbon and the Superior Institute of Technology of the University of Lisbon- and to your participation, the General Assembly meeting on 29 November elected a new Governing Board. I am delighted and honoured that the Board elected me to the Presidency of our Association. The composition of the New Board is published here.

What orientations should be given to this new mandate? Of course, the priority is to reinforce our base in Europe, Asia, North and Latin America, but also to focus efforts on Africa.
The conclusions of the work carried with our members and partners over the past three years are that cities are not all in crisis but that all are undergoing profound and irreversible changes and mutations: socio-demographic; environmental and energy; digital and technology; urban growth and governance, funding and modes of making the city. That is why we have based our approach on the issue of transitions and transformations.

Our planned activities are taking these issues into account:
- Communities of competence reoriented towards the global transitions impacting urban development and strategic planning;
- Helping Local Authorities to cope with a new urban agenda through field interventions all over the world, starting with Latin America;
- Accompanying urban growth strategies: metropolises but also mid-size and small towns and promoting "reciprocity agreement" between metropolises and rural territories;
- “À la carte” programmes with Corporate members;
- Strengthened partnerships to pool experiences and practices in particular with the Palladio Foundation in France, Nahro in the USA, the Baltic cities, etc.
- Policy areas to focus on: Mass production of sustainable and affordable housing: urban planning, housing, and financing: strategies of actors and operational set-ups; Health, planning and real estate; Demographic and social transitions (aging, migrants, identities and citizenship); New Towns new urbanism;
Geographical priorities: rebalancing our geographical focus without neglecting Europe and France; a partnership to foster: closer linkages with Universities and research institutes; a symbol to revisit: the INTA Congress.

The work and the independence of INTA depends above all on the support of our members.

Maurice Charrier
INTA President
Honorary Vice President of Greater Lyon, France

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