Dear friends,

Happy New Year to all. The dawn of the year is the right moment to put the urban issues in perspective, to reiterate the significant role of cities and territories in making inclusive development a reality. in fact, to restate our determination to help our members and partners to face the challenges of all kinds in which cities and territories are confronted: climatic and environmental changes and their social and economic impacts; demographic shifts, urban population growth, aging, migration; people's aspirations for better living and more democracy, and universal access to basic services and rights; Finally, challenges arising from the rising costs of urban development widening social and spatial inequalities.

So many issues engaging the global levels of the States and, increasingly, the communities, a fact that INTA had highlighted in its Initiative on Territorial Change published in preparation for the United Nations World Forum on Quito Habitat in 2016.

The combination of the general interest and economic interests makes it even more necessary to share experiences and exchanges around practices and innovation alongside local authorities, public and private urban actors. That is why each of you is an essential stakeholder in this unique adventure that INTA is, a network for exchanging experiences and sharing know-how as well as a platform of projects so that the urban life of tomorrow could be more responsible and showing more solidarity.

It is INTA's ambition to continue to lead the way.

Maurice Charrier
INTA President
Honorary Vice President of Greater Lyon, France

President's message


Dear friends,
Happy New Year to all. The dawn of the year is the right moment to put the urban issues in perspective...  
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