jerichoUPFITechnical assistance to Jericho Municipality (Palestine) for an economic and urban multi-site regeneration (MSR Project)
INTA members involved : Roy Adams (INTA VP) & CEP Palestine

The city of Jericho is located in the southern part of the Jordan Rift Valley in the West Bank and is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. To address the environmental and social needs of the population faced with new urban challenges, the project aims to reorganize and upgrade public and leisure facilities, as well as extending the city green spaces. It should improve the living conditions for 50 000 inhabitants.

INTA was commissioned by the AFD in 2015. The project was unusual in that it included six components and an all-in process going from site, market and building feasibility, through conceptual and detailed design, to the production of tender documentation for two of the capital projects, as well as the documentation for remediation works on two of the existing sites.

The main action is to build a new and modern municipal slaughterhouse far from the residential area. For the design and construction of the new slaughterhouse, INTA provided drawings, specifications and constructions documents, soil investigation reports and Term of Reference for contractor bids and an Environmental and Social Management Plan. Then, we determined a business model for the operation and a policy for illegal slaughter control, the Slaughterhouse Lease Agreement and an Operation and Maintenance Manual.

A new Municipal Workshop will then be relocated in the location of the current slaughterhouse. To assist its construction, INTA provided design and construction documentation as well as soil investigation report and Term of Reference for contractor bids and an Environmental and Social Management Plan.
It also needed a work of revitalization of the existing slaughterhouse compound, involving soil investigation and remediation work.

The municipal park would then be expanded in the current municipal workshop location. The design of a recreational centrality for the city was to be thought, to expand the Spanish Garden onto the vacated Municipal Workshop site, to create a new pocket park with additional recreational facilities. This also required soil and building surveys to determine the extent of remedial works and opportunities for re-use of existing buildings.

INTA also analyzed, sourced and structured the overall project funding, for new and adapted facilities together with assistance services.

To address this multi-faceted challenge, INTA assembled a consultancy grouping in partnership with CEP (the Center for Engineering and Planning, Palestine) and specialist consultants in slaughterhouse design, business planning and landscape design : Beer & Associates (architectural specialists in slaughterhouse design, Ireland), Calia Consult (financial & business plan appraisal, France), Citta Nova (landscape design, France).

This reorganization will make Jericho more attractive for locals as well as visitors, by revitalizing the neighborhood and stimulates activities, and play a key-role in reducing the risk of health hazards. Led in a medium city, it can be replicated in other Palestinian cities. 

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