bouregreg intaTechnical assistance for urban programming, financial and operational planning for the Bouregreg Valley development project – Sequence 3 (Rabat – Salé)
INTA members: François Noisette (Kalutere Polis)

The metropolitan area of Rabat-Salé-Témara, the second biggest in Morocco in terms of population and economy, is divided by the Bouregreg Valley. The implementation of a urban development project will revitalize the area through the reclaiming of the banks of the Bouregreg river, providing the agglomeration with a high-quality urban zone and allowing bonds between the metropolises. It is based on a integrated approach of urban development, so as to meet the current and future needs of the area, and will enable a urban continuity, eased by new infrastructures, between Rabat and Salé.

This 3rd part of the Bouregreg development plan will induce the urban development for the whole metropolitan area, creating new professionals and residential neighborhoods, ensuring social diversity, but also publics spaces and amenities, and infrastructures to improve the inhabitants quality of life, such as hospitals. The environment is also a key part: it aims to preserve cultivated lands and to create naturals ecological spaces, with reforestation operations and restoration of water courses that represent a risk of causing gully erosion and landslides.

This project is the first State-run major project in Mediterranean, and is carried out in conjonction with the public authority and local stakeholders. It is hoped that it will be an example for other urban conglomerations in the region to follow, especially with its importance, its environmental and economical dimension and its aim of social diversity. The preparation phase, led by INTA, is still running.

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