europan 15 NLEUROPAN is a competition of ideas of architecture and urbanism followed by achievements launched simultaneously every two years in about twenty European countries around a common theme and from concrete urban situations proposed by local authorities.

EUROPAN is aimed at young professionals under 40 years old, architects, urban planners, landscape architects, artists, geographers, ecologists ... and any discipline related to the design of territories, all over Europe.

Goals :

  • Give access to design projects to young European designers.
  • Promote ideas and concepts on territorial transformation.
  • Assist communities in a spirit of research and experimentation on real sites.
  • Share these experiences through meetings and debates in Europe.

Participants in the 15th edition have until July 28, 2019 to send their project to the jury.

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President's message


The COVID-19 health crisis has suddenly revealed the fragility of our urban infrastructure and services. Answering these challenges means questioning local public action simultaneously in all its dimensions: living, feeding, traveling and, more generally, producing, consuming, educating...
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