New Governing Board elected by the General Assembly on 6 December 2019


✝Michel Boscher, France
✝Lester Gross, USA
David Edmonds, United Kingdom
Henrik Lisaeth, Norway
Michael Gahagan, United Kingdom
✝ Henry Chabert, France
Mohamed Mbarki, Morocco
Joe Montgomery, United Kingdom
Budiarsa Sastrawinata, Indonesia
Charrier Maurice, France 


Category 2: local authorities
• Barry Mody Mahi, advisor, Conakry, Guinea
• Frier Nathalie, mayor of Saint-Fons, France
• Larsson Christer, planning director, Malmö, Sweden
• Latz Michael, mayor of Correns, France
• Lloreda Camilo, director RAP Pacifico, Cali, Colombia
• Mansat Pierre, president of Ville en Commun, representative of Paris, France

Category 3: public and private companies
• Farnsworth Kerri, director, Cityshapers, Languedoc-Roussillon, France
• Feredj Rémi, director, Poste Immo, Paris, France
• Henry Louis, Institut pour la Recherche, CDC, France
• Le Boulch Serge, CEO Réciprocité, founder of Chers Voisins, France
• Pangestu Pingki, director, PT Loka Mampang Indah Realty, Jakarta, Indonesia
• Widjaja Agussurja, CEO Hanoi International City, Vietnam

Category 4: research and academics
• Lin Charles, Professor, University of Taipei, Taiwan
• Nunes da Silva Fernando, Professor, civil engineering department, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
• Roth Bernard, CEO Périclès Learning Institute, France

Category 5: individuals / qualified personalities
• Adams Roy, advisor, London, United-Kingdom
• Deketelaere-Hanna Marie, General Inspector CGEDD, Paris, France
• Juul Helle, architect, Copenhagen, Denmark
• Olivier Robert, CEO Group Apero, Montreal, Canada

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