An INTA Panel is an international voluntary advisory service in support to public authorities or private sector stakeholders, providing a coherent and specific urban development vision, based on highly intensive exploration of all issues and opportunities. This unique development problem-solving process provides policy-makers with an external vision and new operational plans as well as recommendations for its implementation. 

INTA advisory panelsThe INTA Advisory Service is developed to assist urban policy makers to make justified policy choices and provide them with support for strategic debate.

A worldwide flexible resource with top-level hands-on experience. 
Due to the generosity of its members INTA is able to bring together, from its wide membership' expertise, international panels of up to 15 urban practitioners including public and private developers, local and regional development officials, members of the financial community, architects, planners, engineers and academics, with extensive experience in the issues to be reviewed.

Advantages of the Panel Process

  • Mobilize a broad range of international talents to provide solutions to specific urban development on issues that might not generally receive this level of attention
  • Facilitate development of creative solutions that involve both public and private sectors
  • Bring public attention and enhanced credibility to the projects of local authorities
  • Address complex issues and make recommendations that might be difficult for an involved party to suggest
  • Attract private sector interest and involvement
  • An integrated approach that covers a wide range of urban and local or territorial development issues
  • A foresight vision linked to a pragmatic and operational approach
  • Practitioners, who are not consultants but Peers, sharing, in a voluntary way, their experience, expertise and strategic vision.

INTA's value

  • 35 years promoting the exchange of experiences between urban practitioners from over 50 countries
  • Extensive practice in all areas of urban development
  • Mastering the processes of integrated urban production
  • Advice fit to the needs of implementation
A Panel in practice
  • One week of work comprising field visits, audit of urban project by interviewing local players and a working group offering an uncommon space for debate
  • A new and stimulating vision of urban development
  • Setting monitoring instruments to support the implementation of urban strategies

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