IMAG4510NAHRO Annual Conferencelogo nahro baltimore
Baltimore, MD, USA
October 2014

Why Affordable Housing Maters?

As part of its partnership with NAHRO, INTA organized an international meeting on the theme "Why affordable housing account?".
Led by Michel Sudarskis the session divided into three sequences allowed Rémi Feredj INTA Vice President, Director of RATP and president of a subsidiary of social housing -LogisTransports- present the mechanism of social housing in France and the illustrate the case of the RATP, business can not be relocated labor that built housing for its employees. His presentation was enhanced by the view of Serge Lagrange, director of Metro RATP, which explained the positive impact for Tube drivers to be able to have housing near their place of service plug which also creates an impact on the quality of service, safety, absenteeism and the environment. Betsy Morris CEO EMA Board in San Diego giving his point of view if the French spoke with wonder and envy face of such mechanisms, noting that companies affordable housing in California working on both real estate goals and social

Another sequence allowed Brigitte Witkowski, president of CHRA CHRA, Canadian Association of Housing and urban regeneration, to present the Canadian national campaign on "Why social housing account." Gerrit Teunis, Director General of Beter Vechtdal the Netherlands and Helen Sause, Past President of NAHRO, San Francisco, recalled in place of affordable housing in social policy in their countries.

During the last session, Betsey Martens, Past President of NAHRO, director of Boulder Colorado Executive Partners shared his experience of a program to support youth education as a condition for a successful residential course and rewarding life; scholarships are awarded to deserving students who are accompanied throughout their school careers by volunteer tutors.

Claude Roy CHRA consultant and former member of the Société d'habitation du Québec noted that an excess of norms and regulations slows down the production of affordable housing in most countries.

inta-nahro sessionThis short session allow comparing and exchanging about innovation in social housing for increased social cohesion. Innovation could be technical or managerial. There are appropriate mechanisms to ensure the intergenerational links, decent and affordable housing, and reduce the cost of housing in energy efficient buildings. Examples from other continents and countries (France, Pays Bas, South Africa, Canada et USA) triggered the debate on how housing associations can shift from housing management to community service management allowing economic efficiency and better community involvement through social innovation.

The objectives of this session were met:
1. to widen the toolbox of housing association towards social innovation to cope with economic constraints and potential social or age segregations.
2. to have a fruitful exchange with international cases to enrich respectively both US and international experiences. With given national context and policies, learn where innovation can be met to improve community -services and reduce costs.
3. to strengthen exchange between NAHRO members and INTA members about innovation in housing and urban regeneration in the US and worldwide.

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