The city of Ancón, a district located in the north of Lima, Peru, will be the first to host an international panel under Act 2 of the INTA initiative "Cities and territories in transformation". The Panel will be held in Lima from May 27 to June 4, 2017.

The mission of the panel is to clarify the technical, political and strategic arguments of an urbanization project in the northern part of the Peruvian capital and to better position the City Council of Ancón in the negotiations with the others actors of the territory, in particular the metropolitan government, the Congress and government authorities.
The ongoing debate in Lima is the pressure made by the Mayor of Ancon to obtain permission to urbanize part of a nature reserve in the north of Lima as a new town or new neighborhood. This urbanization of a certain size requires the implementation of an specific delivery vehicle adapted to the size of the project.

The general framework of the mission is to provide an international perspective with a strategic vision of the territorial project of Ancón district, the ministers of Environment, Housing, Production, Culture and institutions such as CEPLAN, the Congress, the Municipal Association of North Lima, the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, Ministries of Environment Housing, Produce, Culture, and institutions such as CEPLAN, Congress of the Republic and the main actors and institutions (public and private) directly linked to the territorial proposal of Ancon.

INTA's working method is based on the co-production of territorial solutions formulated through collaborative workshops where the main value lies in the experience and professional skills that the members of our international network make available to a local authority, city or region.
The international mission will be composed of 12 professionals from urban planning, regional development and spatial planning from Europe and Latin America. It is a multidisciplinary team with expertise in all areas requiring reflection that we will develop in the municipal territory of Ancón:
- Define a positioning strategy for the municipality of Ancon, with a view to global urban development, which involves the environmental, social, economic, financial and technical feasibility of the urban project.
- Implement dynamic horizontal coordination (among territorial actors at local level) and vertical (with metropolitan, regional and national authorities).
- Design the main public intervention mechanisms to generate agreements with other institutions (Metropolitan Municipality, congress, etc ...) to ensure long-term project governance
- Internationalize the local process integrated into the dynamics of the New Urban Agenda after the Habitat III Conference, with the objective of presenting the case of Ancón to the 8th World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur and within the framework of the INTA Initiative "Cities and Territories in transformation".

As a result, the INTA mission seeks to transfer "know-how" in terms of new town and the development of major structuring projects in the territory, to the project managers of Ancón and to the entire network of INTA members.

See the documentation for the project (spanish) :

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