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24 JAN

[intakawa]  #17 : Which designs for health and care places in the territories?
Paris, France

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[training]  4 Days Elsewhere
Paris, France | 2019 training cycle, session 1

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19 FEB

[intakawa]  #18 : How the digital transtion changes health in territories?
Paris, France

17-23 MAR

[panel]  Saint Fons North Territory
Saint Fons, France

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28-29 MAR

[training]  4 Days Elsewhere
Hamburg, Germany | 2019 training cycle, session 2

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29-30 MAR

[seminar]  4th Normandie connected forum
Trouville, France

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04 APR

[conference]   From the right to the city to the right to live in the village
Barjols, France | UBAT & INTA 1st debate

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16 MAY

[intakawa]  Rebuilding the links between health and urbanism: which design for hospitals in tomorrow cities?
Paris, France

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17 MAY

[training]  4 Days Elsewhere
Paris, France | 2019 training cycle, session 3

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19 MAY

[conference]   What "intercommunality" refers to?
Barjols, France | UBAT & INTA 2nd debate

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19-20 JUN

[meeting]   Wellbeing Cities Forum
Montreal, Canada

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26 JUN

[panel]   Public presentation of Saint-Fons panel conclusions
Saint-Fons, France

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28 JUN

[meeting]   Le Monde Innovation Cities Awards 2019
Paris, France

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29 JUN

[conference]   Detoxify from CAME (Competitiveness, attractiveness, Metropolisation, Excellence)
Barjols, France | UBAT & INTA 3rd debate

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03 JUL

[WORKSHOP]  Workshop on health issues for the Local Authorities International Action Meeting
Paris, France

17 SEP

[event]  Official launch of RH[e]SUs Think-Tank
Paris, France

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18 SEP

[meeting]  PFVT health work group meeting to prepare next international events (WUF, Africa-France Summit)
Paris, France

12-14 OCT

[meeting]  NAHRO Forum
Austin, Texas

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15-16 OCT

[conference]  Participation to the Union of Baltic Cities conference
Kaunas, Lithuania


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