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Santander, Spain, Live in a living city Forum, Santander session, 21 January

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Tallinn, Estonia, INTA38 World Urban Development Congress “Future smart city development. Territorial, social and technological innovation”, 25-27 January

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Cannes, France, MIPIM, animation of the Mayor’s Think Tank, 10-13 Marc

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Bordeaux, France, Smart City Forum organised by Live in a Living City and La Tribune,  in partnership with INTA, 3 April

icon roundtable Lisbon, Portugal, International roundtable on Smart cities in the world - Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning, University of Lisbon, 8 April
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 Debate with Lisbon City Council on social innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem, Lisbon 9 April 

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 INTA Governing Board, 10 April

icon meeting Taipei, Taiwan, Towards a National policy of a smart territory, 11-13 May
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Tokyo, Japan, participation and presentations at MIPIM Japan, 20-21 May

icon congres Lyon, France, INTA Rhone-Alpes Platform - Citizen Empowerment to Fight Poverty, Initiative INTA for Habitat III, 26 May


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Aqaba, Jordanie, Feasibility study on the Aqaba's sustainable urban development project, June - December 2015

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Bercelona, Spain, Meeting UFM, UPFI, 2 June

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 Lyon, France, World Summit Climate & Territories CODATU, INTA partnership, July 1

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France, Technical visits of a delegation of elected representatives from TCO (La Réunion), 8-10 July

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Alexandria, Egypt, Rehabilitation and renovation of the industrial heritage of Minat al Bassal, August 2015 - December 2016

icon studytrip Paris-Nantes, France, Technical Visits with a Delegation of Municipal Services from Taipei, 16-21 August
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Amsterdam & Rotterdam, Netherlands, Technical visits of a delegation of municipal services from Taipei, 22-28 August

icon meeting Taipei, Taiwan, Signature of 7 MoU with private developers, 25-27 August
icon roundtable Medellin, Colombia, Round Table with Cities for Life, Initiative INTA for Habitat III, 30 August, 2 September
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La Réunion, France, Panel on the conditions for operational implementation of an island ecocity (TCO), 6-11 September

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Lome, Togo, conference on mobility in Africa with CODATU, INTA initiative for Habitat III Conference 2016, 14-15 September

icon congres Marseille, France, Forum Smart City Marseille, Méditerranée, LiaLC, La Tribune, 25 September 2015
icon congres Montreal, Canada, Participation of INTA in the drafting of the Declaration of Montreal on the Role of Metropolitan Areas in the New Urban Agenda, 6-7 October
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Malmö, Sweden, Roundtable on Planning by values, Initiative LialC-INTA for Habitat III, Nordic City Network Forum, 7-8 October

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Santiago de Chile, Chile, International Roundtable on Innovation and Governance on Water Management, Initiative INTA for Habitat III, 21-22 October

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Bobigny, France, International benchmark on sport and handicap clusters, 5-6 November

icon congres Paris, France, INTA 39 World Urban Development Congress "Climate, Habitat, Development Goals: Giving the City back to its Inhabitants", 24-27 November
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Jericho, Palestine, Multi-site regeneration project, December 2015 - August 2016

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