altAnnual World Urban Development Congress
INTA Annual World Urban Development Congress addresses each year the latest trends on urban development worldwide. This international forum brings together a wide range of stakeholders from public and private sectors in a host city that is exemplary for its urban transformation. Three to four days of lectures and workshops allow intensive exchanges and provide opportunity to meet with large numbers of INTA's members and partners.
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altConferences and Seminars
At the request of its members, INTA organises international conferences and seminars on urban development issues that require particular attention due to most recent urban changes.

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altWorld Urban Development Council

INTA urban policy practitioners and policy makers are assembled in a permanent "think tank", the INTA World Urban Development Council, which meets to discuss the major trends and issues in urban policy. The Council aims to anticipate trends in urban society and allows INTA to maintain its conceptual edge on sustainable urban development.
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inta15Thematic Roundtables

The Roundtables are platforms to formulate forward-looking strategies to specific urban challenges and transformations of the urban system. A Roundtable gathers from 15 to 50 practitioners with specific experience in the field under review, coming from different geographical and professional backgrounds. The content of these Round tables are prepared in conjunction with professionals and leading thinkers from INTAs network and Communities of Competences.
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DSC07747Communities of Competence
The cross-sector and interdisciplinary approach to contemporary urban issues integrates in a unified development process several drivers for change: urban innovation, identity, inclusion and sustainability. There proper interactions are critical to bring solutions to the issues and challenges that confront today's development of urban territories; thus, INTA members are engaged in "Communities of Competence", thematic clusters for practitioners with particular interest in specific urban fields.
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poweriser-parisPartnership in International Projects
INTA contributed to several European funded projects, offering its membership the possibility to strengthen knowledge and contacts in specific fields, crucial to urban development.
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