sollar logoSollar is inviting INTA’s international network to its 35th anniversary, on 21-22 September 2014, in Lyon, as opening of the annual Congress of the Federation of Social housing associations. (Union Sociale pour l’Habitat).
The issue that will be debated: social innovation in social housing.
INTA is mobilizing members and partners from USA, Canada, UK and the Netherlands to exchange experiences.

Issues are increasing housing needs, aging and impoverishment of the population, changing lifestyles and family structures, energy transition to be integrated into housing... are some of the challenges housing societies and corporations have to face.

The international forum jointly organized by Sollar and INTA will draw lessons of experiences of social housing organizations from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France on intergenerational solidarity, active management of neighbourhoods and eco-responsibility.


Ambitions of the Forum
Because social housing must constantly anticipate changes of its environment and of the personal situation of its tenants, it is important to share best practices, beyond the national territory.
That is why Sollar has wished to gather, on the occasion of its 35th anniversary and in collaboration with INTA, professionals from different countries to discuss the theme of innovation in social housing.
Roundtables gathering housing experts, elected officials and partners throughout the day are opportunities of international feedback and interaction with the audience, punctuated by moments of conviviality.
A good occasion to take a global view on a particularly relevant topic in this period of economic and social crisis, and to anticipate a major cultural shift.

Sollar, subsidiary of Logement Social Group, is one of the main social housing organizations in Rhone Alps, with 5 000 dwellings spread over 55 municipalities.



Sunday 21 September 2014 

14h00  Technical visits for international attendees


Monday 22 September 2014


09h00 - 09h15 Welcome and programme presentation Philippe Bry, CEO Logement Français Group
Maurice Charrier, President of INTA
09h15 - 10h45 Roundtable THE NORTH AMERICAN EXPERIENCE:
Mobilization of local stakeholders in regeneration of social housing neighbourhood

 Elizabeth S. Glenn, Deputy Director, Neighbourhood Improvement at Baltimore County Department of Planning, USA

Elizabeth Morris, Principal, E.M.Advisors, San Diego, California

Nancy Shoiry, Principal Director for urban planning, heritage and housing, City of Montréal, Canada

With the participation of
Céline Broggio, University Lyon 3, Department of Geography

10h45 - 11h30 Entertaining break  
11h30 - 13h00 Roundtable THE NORTH EUROPEAN EXPERIENCE:
Between social diversity and support for energy transition: a new management of social housing in The Netherlands and England.

Jonathan Higgs, vice-president of PlaceShapers, CEO of Raven Housing Trust, Redhill, United Kingdom  

Emirto Rienhart, Consultant to social housing organizations, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

With the participation of
Serge Guérin, Sociologist, France

13h00 - 14h30 Lunch  
14h30 - 15h30

Local partnerships, diversified offer and innovative knowledge to accompany societal changes.

Guy Vidal, CEO of SOLLAR
Elected officials and partners
15h30 - 16h30 Roundtable: THE EXPERIENCE of « CHERS VOISINS »
An innovative concept of intergenerational solidarity: The implementation in Saint-Germain-au-Mont-d’Or
Serge Le Boulch, President of RECIPRO CITE, partners, managers and tenants
16h30 - 17h00 Entertaining break  
17h00 - 18h30 Roundtable: SOCIAL HOUSING IN RHONE-ALPS
The impact of territorial reform: what answers for Sollar? Views from elected officials and regional decision-makers,
Philippe Bry, CEO of Logement Français Group
Guy Vidal, CEO of SOLLAR
Elected officials and partners
18h30 Conclusions and celebration of the 5 000th tenant   

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