map taipeiSeminar on Future regeneration, Taipei
24-28 February 2014, Taipei, Taiwan

This seminar is part of the Taipei's City Urban Regeneration Strategy undertaken by the Taipei City Urban Regeneration Office (URO) with the help of the National Chiao Tung University. INTA is invited to give an international input to the elaboration process of the strategy.

Origin of the Project
‐ Analyze past strategies and key areas, and then examine the “urban regeneration potential areas” in the city at the neighbourhood level.
‐ Identify the available resources of the city to further construct and formulate urban regeneration strategies. Tools include the inventory of vacant spaces, historic and creative resources provided by the URO in combination with public facilities, real estate market prices, public land distribution, and the localisation of future major construction.
‐ Maximise the value of current resources through strategic planning approaches and a shared‐vision of well identified areas to put forth the steps of promotion policies, implementation methods and the niche of Taipei City’s urban regeneration in the next decade.

Project Objectives
‐ Take the cultural history and space resources of Taipei City as the basis for future regeneration.
‐ Through consensus, build a shared vision of urban regeneration of the city and propose the key concepts of urban regeneration.
- Use the urban renewal and urban regeneration tools and mechanisms implemented by domestic and foreign cities in recent years to analyze how to create, design and reach the public‐shared urban regeneration vision through these mechanisms.
- Identification and superposition of urban regeneration areas: “Railway Corridor”, “Waterfront Corridor” and “MRT Corridor” as well as the City airport are to be taken into account in the regeneration scope.

In response to the development of public lands, the policy direction of urban regeneration led by public sector, and the planning along the MRT line, the role of public lands in urban regeneration had has to be rethought. This project will encompass the whole city as the main target.

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