An international Forum with the support of the City Government of Taipei and the International Urban Development Association – INTA
Taipei City, 23-29 April 2016

The municipality of Taipei is eager to discuss its plans for two major interconnected sites.

Screenshot 2016 01 01 15.11.09 The West Gateway, i.e. a large area around the main station located in the west of the city. The area is already under regeneration inparticular due to the arrival of a rapid transit metropolitan line (MRT) linking the city to the international airport in the West. The city expect a 50% increase of the number of train passengers to an from the airport (from 500 000 to 700 000). See the attached slide of the West Gateway
Screenshot 2016 01 01 15.11.37

The SongShan Airport, i.e. the city airport in the north of the city centre and close to the main railway station (the West Gate)  Moving the old and small airport is high on the municipal agenda. The municipality is looking first to an easing of the construction eight limits around the airport that would facilitate another major regeneration programme. The Municipality expects the opening of the Airport MRT at the West Gateway to greatly enhance the efficiency of passenger boarding, and to generate more traffic between the two airports, and the (re)location of economic activity nearby.

// Download the final presentation about Songshan Airport     

// Read the conclusions of Michel Sudarskis, INTA SG

INTA has composed a Panel of seasoned practitioners - planners, developers, architects, investors, academics  to advise the city on those two projects : 
- Kerri Farnsworth, Manchester, United Kingdom
- Sandra Flouest, urban planner, RATP, France
- Elodie Chadel Amanou, urban planner, RATP, France
- Helle Juul, architect, Copenhagen, Denmark
- Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General, International Urban Development Association

The planned program of the Panel will be as following:
- The regeneration strategy from the historic, cultural, and eco-city point of view
- The comprehensive planning of West Taipei Gate : Human based transportation system, Micro-weather and Public participation strategies
- Preparation for Presentation

- Keynote Speech: Heritage and Ecosystem as Strategy for Urban Development
- Speech I: Green TOD and urban development
- Speech II: A diversified friendly international city
- General Discussion

- The Vision for Taipei Urban Development 
- The Relocation of Sungshan Airport
- Preparation for Presentation

- Workshop Presentation
- Keynote Speech Case Studies of Airport Relocations in Europe
- Speech I: The land use of a resilient city
- Speech II: The relationship of city flow and business development
- General Discussion

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