RoadMigrationsInternational seminar on Migrants and Refugees, Malmo, 30-31 August 2017

INTA invites policymakers of national and local governments, city planners and other urban actors to an international seminar on migrants & refugees on the 30th / 31st of August. The seminar aims to develop sustainable and effective solutions for city leaders and public actors to integrate migrants & refugees to the city's urban, economical, cultural and social surface. The central question is:

What are the city’s instruments to integrate a sudden population growth of migrants & refugees?

The seminar will be part of the Opportunity Space Festival in Malmö, which is organized by the Van Alen Institut and the City of Malmö from the 22. August – 2 September. As rapidly growing and diversifying gateway city to Scandinavia, Malmö was the point of arrival for the vast majority of refugees and asylum seekers settling in Sweden. This makes Malmö an ideal place to explore this question.

Since the peak of the 2015 migrant and refugee crisis municipalities and civil society have been at the frontier of integrating newcomers into the host-countries societies. Many innovative initiatives and projects on integration have been launched, which address economic, social, cultural or educational issues. Unfortunately, those innovative projects often serve only a small number of migrants and refugees. Furthermore, too often cities struggle to sustain these projects over time or scale them up in a cost-effective manner. Another difficulty is to coordinate with other stakeholders (civil society, public & private employers, national authorities) and to identify what works and what not.

INTA has invited six experts from the field of integration from different European countries to present their projects, cases or organisations to the audience and initiate a discussion about the cities instruments for the inclusion of migrants & refugees. How can the city evoke a feeling of urban belonging in order to facilitate a cultural and social attachment of migrants and refugees to the host society? How to foster migrant entrepreneurship to provide alternative pathways to self-supported income? How to overcome prejudices and social and economical fears by creating a positive image of migrants? How to propose innovative educational services that reaches migrants of all age groups? Those are just some of the questions, which shall be discussed during the seminar.

If you are interested, to attend our seminar you are most welcome to download the provisional program to have a first overview of our invited speakers and with more information about the registration and location. (Note: the registration is free, but necessary in order to guarantee a fluent event.)



10 am to 1 pm: Sessions 1 & 2 
2:30 pm to 4pm: Session 3


10:30-12:30: Conclusion session + round table with expert panel 

Location: Backspace of the pavilion of the Oportunity space festival, Enskifteshagen park


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