SayakaSayaka Osanami Törngren MIM – Malmö Institute for studies of Migration

Sayaka Osanami Törngren is currently a researcher in the Department of Global Political Studies at Malmö University’s Research Institute of Migration, Diversity and Welfare (MIM). She received her Ph.D. in Ethnic and Migration Studies from Linköping University, with a dissertation titled, Love ain’t got no color? Attitude toward interracial marriage in Sweden.

Before, she finished her Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Studies in Japan and completed her study with a Master in International Migration and Ethnic Studies at the Malmö University.

She is representing the National Integration Evaluation Mechanism (NIEM) Project, which is co-financed by the EU Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and aims to monitor and improve the success of refugee integration over six years in 15 EU member states. 

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DanielaDaniela Ölmunger – One Stop Future Shop

In brief, One Stop Future Shop is an EU-funded regional growth project supporting local entrepreneurs and start-ups. Strongly focusing on sustainability and social entrepreneurship, it offers business advice, seminars, workshops and other supporting activities in over six languages, free-of-charge. Its programs include Start-up FastTrack, a one-month idea development course.

In 2016, Daniela represented an earlier project, Entrepreneurial West Hisingen, at the European Enterprise Promotion Awards, where it won.

At the seminar, she will explore the role of the municipality for One Stop Future Shop: how it can focus on economic hubs in cities to spearhead job creation and employment.

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j schroederJürgen Schröder – German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs

In the German Federal Ministry for Labour and Social Affairs, Jürgen Schröder is responsible for the integration of people with migration background into the labour market.

He will contribute to the expert’s panel by bringing in the perspective of the German government about the integration of people with a migration background and vocational training in Germany.

As a member of the International Metropolis Steering Committee he is interested in finding ways for a better cooperation and solidarity in Europe.


Maite PinchonMaïté Pinchon – Quatorze 

Currently based in Paris, Maïté Pinchon is a young urban designer who has been taught urbanism between France and Germany.

In Berlin, she lived the massive arrival of migrants inside the city in 2015. She was already thrived by the energy and multitude of initiatives, which were created with and by refugees. In Hamburg, Maïté worked with the Hafencity University on the topic of arrival camps in the city of the Hansesstadt and the notion of being an “inhabitants”.

They also work on a project called “agency agency”, a participatory-made meeting place for the residents (both refugees and non-refugees) of a neighborhood. Explorative, participative, experimental ways of changing the city are numerous; we just need to try them.

At the seminar, she will represent the project in my backyard - Tiny houses for refugees, an initiative to create a transitional place for refugees with an asylum in an already dense populated urban area.

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MarcusSkinnerMarcus Skinner – International Rescue Committee

Marcus Skinner is a Policy Advisor with the International Rescue Committee where his work covers policy engagement on IRC emergency programmes including Syria and Iraq.

He also works on a number of thematic issues including IRC’s work around urban programming with a focus on the integration of refugees into urban areas and issues of protracted displacement.

Prior to joining IRC he worked at HelpAge International managing the humanitarian policy team where his work focused on advocacy related to inclusion of older people and marginalised groups into policy and programmes at global and field level.

Before HelpAge, Marcus worked at a medical health NGO called Merlin on a range of issues relating to health programming in fragile states and before that at a research centre in Kabul. He holds a masters degree from SOAS and an undergraduate degree from Bristol University.

At the seminar he will represent the work on Global Alliances on Urban crisis with a special focus on the cooperation of local authorities and humanitarian agencies.

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DINAROKICDina Rokić – Elpida Home

Dina has been working as head of administration and communications at Elpida Home since its opening in July 2016. Elpida Home is an innovative non-governmental organization committed to providing a humane, dignified and empowered living experience for refugees.

She has previously worked at the European Parliament, the American College of Thessaloniki and an investing platform called DriveWealth based in New Jersey.

She is of Serbian/Croatian descent, grew up in Kuwait and studied in Greece, consequently deciding to stay and get involved in the refugee crisis.

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