Rural vs UrbanFollowing the meeting of the 7 February 2017, which gathered INTA members, to define the implementation of reciprocity contracts, on the model of those suggested by french state, a seminar will be held in Marseille, France, on 11 Octobre 2017, to heighten the awareness of area managers for the metropolises and rural territories on this concept, and on the issues that it raise. 

 “The territorial system is made of centralities, networks and flows (of people, goods, activities, information…). At each scale, the interactions are continuous and evolving. Now dependent from one another, each territory has specific assets and needs that are worth to grasp.” 

This goal is nowadays strengthened by the social and economic mutation, by the evolution of information and communication technology, and new mobility. Families, in their daily lives, are living on and "own" increasingly broader urbanized or natural spaces reflecting the diversity of their needs (employment, education, culture, entertainment, health, consumption…). 

Each family, either urban or rural, cannot have a decent life without the support of other resources than those of the territory they live on. Territories and their inhabitants can all be different they still depend from one another. 

Both the metropolitan process and rural development are revisited thanks to Parliamentary reports and policy measures such as “Reciprocal Contract”, between agglomerations/metropolises and rural areas. 
INTA, in the framework of its activities on territorial innovation but also on territorial solidarity and the right for services and for the city, has engaged a constructive dialogue with actors, especially with elected representatives of the “Provence Verdon” (Var), as well as with representatives of Grenoble, Aix-Marseille, Toulon, Nice, including the PACA Region, the planning agencies of these metropolises and the Caisse des Dépôts. 

All these urban actors showed interest for exploring "development contract" between agglomerations/metropolises, and rural territories, neighboring or nearby: tourism, circular economy, valorization of agricultural chains, digitalization or rural areas… 

In our opinion we found useful to organize a lasting reflection and exchange of experiences that should lead to concretes proposals. The series of workshops since 2015 have mapped the expectations and needs of the partners. 

INTA is now initiating an operational phase, with more actors, which should allow to draft a “roadmap”: organization, governance, partnership and the allocation of means for the experimentation of a multi-partners "Reciprocity Contract" in the PACA Region. 

The seminar will be held on 11 October 2017, in Marseille, France. It will gather State representatives and Local authorities (local and regional), economic and associative sectors, academics and like-minded stakeholders.

Programme : 

1 - The Reciprocity

  • What do "territorial reciprocity" means?
  • What is in the field of possible reciprocities?
  • Factual and contractual reciprocities
  • Dynamiques and obstacles


2 - The context

  • Transitions (environmental, demographic, digital), new parameters for development
  • The emerging of new territorial development systems (PTCE, short circuits)
  • Towards the recognition of eco-systems identity
  • Mutations of the rural/urban relationship, and economical stakes of inter-territoriality


3 - Appropriation, strategy, governance : the Green Provence project 

  • Presenting the Green Provence territory: collectivites and socio-economical characteristics
  • Wich positions for metropolises on the reciprocity process
  • The potential of Green Provence for its reciprocity strategy
  • Principles of a project approach: leading, partnership, technical means

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