From 13 to 16 March 2018, INTA held an International Forum on urban regeneration and revitalization in Taipei, Taiwan. The event was organized in cooperation with:

  • National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (TAIWAN TECH) 
  • The Real Estate Development Association of Taipei (REDAT) 
  • Federation of the Real Estate Development Associations of the Republic of China (FREDA) 
  • Association of Glocal Development (AGLD) 
  • Cross-Strait Federation for Planning and Industry of Urban and Rural Development
  • International Urban Development Association (INTA)

Beyond the circumstantial constraints that make the urban development process in Taiwan increasingly problematic leading to halt or delay urban projects, the main question is which measures to adopt to revive the urban regeneration policy while taking into consideration the necessary adaptation to the financial context of the public sphere? 

With the view to explore the regulatory and legislative framework and the tools needed for an effective and successful promotion of urban regeneration at local, regional and national levels, we sought to engage the public and private urban actors in a constructive dialogue on the respective position should each division of the central and local governments have in the architecture of the regulatory urban policy system, and the active roles that each public division should play in leading the private sector and the people towards a successful implementation of urban redevelopment in Taiwan. 

Urban regeneration is a well-established trend in developed countries such as Europe or Japan where it is essential that public and private actors work together to forge global and effective solutions to pressing housing demand. Thus Taiwan invited through INTA peers from Canada, France, UK, China and Japan to share their experiences of urban revitalization and of fostering cooperation and coproduction between the urban revitalization industry and the public redevelopment sector. 

At the end of the Forum, a declaration on the main axis for urban revitalization was produced.

"Based on the exchange and dialogue in the Taipei international forum on urban regeneration and revitalisation, we, urban practitioners from Taiwan, UK, France, Japan, China and Canada, jointly advocate the following points as crucial issues for a successful urban revitalization and inclusive prosperity of Taiwanese cities..."

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 Tuesday 13th March

17:30 — Internal Discussion: Brief Introduction of the programme and partners 

Wednesday 14th March

09:25 — Opening Ceremony

  • Wei-I Lee, Project Leader / Associate professor, Department of Architecture, TAIWAN TECH


09:30 Welcoming Remarks

  • Wei-Hwa Chiang, Vice President of TAIWAN TECH
  • Pao-Tien Wu, President of Federation of the Real Estate Development Associations of the Republic of China (FREDA)
  • Chun-Tong Chen, President of The Real Estate Development Association of Taipei (REDAT)
  • Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General of International Urban Development Association (INTA)

Moderator: Charles Lin, Deputy Mayor of Taipei, Taiwan

09:45 — Classic cases of Urban Regeneration in International Cities: Urban regeneration policy and action in Paris
Presented by:

  • Christian Laroche, architect, Paris, France 
  • “The redevelopment plan of industrial sites: legal procedures, implementation process, participating teams and division of labour. The Seguin Island, Trapeze and Chapelle cases”
  • Gabriel Malo, architect, Project Manager, RATP, Paris, France
    Urban regeneration cooperative mechanisms between public and private sectors: the case of industrial and transport brownfields”
  • Pierre Sallenave, former CEO French Urban Renewal Agency, CEO Magellan Consulting, Paris, France
    “Urban regeneration policies, laws and norms, and government’s strategies”


11:20 — The urban redevelopment, industrial revitalization and knowledge economy in the United Kingdom
Presented by:

  • Joe Montgomery, Civil Service Commissioner, Director, Red Door Ventures Ltd, Chairman, Regional Enterprise Services Ltd, London, United Kingdom
    “Urban development management principles: policies, legislative and regulations system. The cases of revitalization and redevelopment plan of Brent Cross Shopping Centre, Battersea Power Station & Nine Elms, and Royal Park”
  • Kerri Farnsworth, Managing Director, Kerri Farnsworth Associates, Manchester, United Kingdom
    “Successful case of urban redevelopment; legal procedures, implementation process, participating teams and division of labour”


13:30 — Government-driven urban regeneration in Japan: the successful cases of urban regeneration in Tokyo
Presented by:
Urban regeneration-related laws and decrees, policies, and implementation mechanisms Types and operational patterns of urban regeneration cases

  • Akahosi Kentaro, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan
  • Fumihiko Fujita, General Manager, Marunouchi Development Department, Mitsubishi Estate


14:30 — The practice and experience of Urban Regeneration in China
Presented by:

  • Tian-Xin Zhang, Associate professor of urban design in the College of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Peking University


15:15 — Sharing City’s Vision
Brainstorming with Taiwanese actors of Urban regeneration: Kerri Farnsworth, Fumihiko Fujita, Akahosi Kentaro, Christian Laroche, Gabriel Malo, Pierre Sallenave, Michel Sudarskis, Tian-Xin Zhang and Taiwanese practitioners 

16:30 — Wrap-up session

  • Wei-I Lee, Project Leader / Associate professor, Department of Architecture, TAIWAN TECH



The Forum was held at the Grand Mayfully Hotel in Taipei, in the Grand Ballroom 2F. Along with conferences was a visit of One Park Taipei, as well as an optional tour of Yilan County, northeast of Taiwan.


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