INTA33 World Urban Development Congress was organised by:

  • International Urban Development Association (INTA)
  • Construction & Planning Agency (CPA), Taiwan
  • Council for Economic Planning & Development (CEPD), Taiwan
  • Research, Development and Evaluation Commission (RDEC), Taiwan
  • Kaoshiung City Government, Taiwan
  • Taipei City Government, Taiwan

In collaboration with:

  • Living Labs Global
    A global driver for innovation. Living Labs Global is an initiative to promote cities as urban laboratories for digitally enabled service innovation. Representing companies, large and small, innovative cities, public agencies, research institutes and universities, Living Labs Global acts as a lead-market for those seeking or providing innovative solutions.
  • Flanders DC District of Creativity
  • Flanders District of Creativity is the Flemish organization for entrepreneurial creativity, founded by the Flemish Government as a non-profit organization. Flanders DC acts as a platform for cooperation in the pursuit of a more creative region. Creativity is not a goal in itself but a means for businesses to compete smarter and for governments to ensure a healthy economy with more jobs.
  • COAM Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Madrid
  • AFDU Association Française du Développement Urbain

INTA33 received the support of

  • RATP



Ministry of Foreign Affairs 



Kaohsiung City Government

Taipei City Government

Tainan City Government

Taichung City Government



Flanders DC

Living Labs Global


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