Today’s turbulent times make it necessary to reinvent our methods and instruments for the sustainable development of our territories. Innovation in technology-enabled services can have a major impact on urban development, the competitiveness and attractiveness of cities and impact the quality and efficiency experienced by cities, businesses and visitors.

The INTA33 World Congress provided a global dialogue between the public and private sector on the future of urban development and services in cities and regions.

INTA33 assembled 350 leading global experts, case studies, public and private leaders to exchange experiences, strategies and build new partnerships for growth.

INTA33 day by day

Conclusion of the INTA33 Congress

Plenary session Kaohsiung INTA33 Closing INTA33

Cities play a pivotal role in national economic growth. Large conurbations benefit of the concentration of activities, labor forces, as well as demand for intermediate and consumer goods located in one geographical area. But the economic scale alone is not enough to ensure a sustainable urban development. Cities need to be creative in order to find the balance between the economic growth, environment protection and social harmony.

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International Competition; Idea for Action, Kaohsiung

Who has attended

Innovative entrepreneurs
Be part of a platform to showcase your services and concepts, network with potential business partners and engage in a joint visioning process with city and policy-leaders seeking to develop innovative urban development concepts and services.

Public leaders
Meet with global experts and participate in an ongoing matchmaking with innovative companies seeking collaboration with cities to make innovation an integral part of urban development, economic promotion and globalisation.

Urban experts
Meet with peers, policy-makers, programme leaders and participate in an ongoing matchmaking with innovative companies offering some of the new technologies, services and experiences that can shape the urban innovation environments of the future.


INTA, International Urban Development Association, is the largest international network and forum where public policy makers, city leaders and executives can share with other urban actors strategies, methods and concrete solutions to help them implement their vision of a sustainable urban territory.

INTA's mission is to promote the exchange of experiences by bringing together public and private urban practitioners into its regular activities based on the principle of cross-fertilization of their experiences: conferences, specialized seminars, Peer-to-Peer panels, professional skill development and a yearly Congress, which is the annual international benchmark for urban development.

Being a unique international network by its nature, and involving the participation of a wide range of private and public actors in the fields of urban development, the INTA World Urban Development Congress is the forum for all those who want to be part of the transformation taking place in urban society, to influence policy and to access the instruments and information to control and manage their own future.

INTA33 brochure

INTA33 brochure 

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