INTA34INTA 34 was a magnificent Congress. We are grateful to Gipuzkoa Aurrera and the many sponsors and authorities who hosted us, to the numerous participants who joined us from more than 40 countries worldwide, to the animators and speakers who were willing to share their stories, to the Scientific Committee and the reporters, to the many volunteers who contributed to the smooth organization of the event and the successful reporting, through writing, filming and blogging.

Rethinking the Urban Region is not an easy task. We need to come together during events like these to share our successes and difficulties, to find inspiration in the work of others, to fully reveal the potentials of our urban territories.

Territory is the physical space in which we operate and seek to manage. But increasingly we live in a virtual world with "the cell phone as our third hand" giving us global connectivity and accessibility. Can we, as urban practitioners manage this interaction? How will individual lifestyle activities and patterns impact on what has been a collective approach to planning? How are these shifts creating new vulnerability? How can we improve the quality of life in rural areas, connected to urban regions?

Our approach has evolved from cities to city regions, to clusters of cities. Now we must go further and envisage metropolitan areas that include the whole ecosystem, within which we foster collaboration at a range of levels and seek internal cohesion and external connections. Each problem has its own level and scale.

We must also rethink our priorities. People and better quality of life remain at the core of all our effort with technology as a means to that end. We seek social cohesion and respect identity. We aim to prosper the economy protect the environment and provide social wellbeing.

On this website you will find summaries, pictures, videos and shortly full reports on the Congress.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Congress and that you will enjoy the next one that will take place in the Region Rhone Alpes in France.

INTA President, Budiarsa Sastrawinata

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