INTA President announces INTA34 Congress in San Sebastian

inta34 brochureThe future of urban territory – urban region, city, neighbourhood - will be knowledge-based. The city is a space for creation and dissemination of innovation facilitated by the concentration of interactions between learning, research, innovation, services, and production activities.  Developed and developing countries share the same vision: to make their urban territories a place of constant innovation where new urban culture provides an "intelligent access" to all who live and work there. This requires management tools adapted to such a territorial construction, most important a system of effective governance with a vision and projects making our urban systems, processes and infrastructures more efficient, more productive and responsive—that is smarter.

The Province of Gipuzkoa, in the Basque Region of Spain, which hosts together with Gipuzkoa Aurrera our 34th Congress, is one of those territories that have the ambition to forge a region of excellence, a true foundation for prosperity. Such a dynamic is shared globally: in Morocco and Germany, Ecuador and Japan, in Indonesia as in Estonia. It is the ambition of INTA34 to reconcile the diversity of these experiences to build a sustainable urban region based on both innovation and quality of life.

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