16-18 December, PARIS
Maison de la RATP, 54 quai de la Rapée 75012 Paris

Members of INTA have heard of the difficulties surrounding the proposition to hold the 36th Congress in the USA. Many organizations and local authorities are experiencing huge problems in public and private finance, which impact also on delegates who might have thought of attending, and the USA has its own financial problems, which affect both delegates and sponsors. There was no other conclusion but to abandon the idea for this year.

However, everybody felt that was essential to turn this difficult moment into an opportunity, that we regroup the membership, and continue to advance both conceptual thinking and pragmatic actions. Such an agenda required two days to give Members time to air views, participate in meaningful professional sessions with others INTA fellows, to relate to each others in informal sessions, and to help formulate thinking about the issues and the way ahead.

This is why we have invited all of you to Paris, France, for an exciting two-day new-format Congress. Year 2012 was rich in initiatives – roundtables carried in the framework of our Communities of Competence, panels on complex and challenging development issues; INTA36 was benefiting from the experience of all of those who contributed to these exchanges.

Paris Congress succeeded as an occasion to mix, meet and discuss issues that invigorated the membership in the context of a World City. We have been pleased to have you there with us!

Visit the dedicated website: www.inta36.org


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