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You will be able to download the workshops speakers presentation once the Congress is over, HERE.


15 April: arrival day

17:00-19:00 INTA Board meeting : outcomes and development after the World Urban Forum 9

16 April

08:00-09:00 Welcome and registration at conference venue “Studio”

09:00-09:30 Opening

                    Ms. Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, Mayor of Malmö
                    Mr. Maurice Charrier, INTA President

09:30-10:30 Plenary session 1: Political perspectives on partnerships, agreements and negotiation from local to international level

                    Mr. Per Olsson Fridh, Secretary of State to the Minister of Culture and Democracy, Sweden
                    Mr. Daniël Termont, President of Eurocities, Mayor of Ghent, Belgium
                    Mr. Joseph Tossavi, Technical Finance Manager (CONAFIL), Benin // Download his presentation (french)
                    Ms. Alejandra Rodriguez, Coordinator International Relations Colombian Green Party, Colombia 
                    Mr. An-Ting Cheng, Department of Urban Development, University of Taipei, Taiwan // Download Presentation on behalf of Minister of the Interior Jiunn Rong Yeh
                    Moderator: Mr. Trevor Graham, Director Urbanisland, Sweden


11:00-12:00 Plenary session 2: Public-private-civil society partnerships: new ways to design the city

                   Mr. Rémi Feredj, CEO Poste Immo, France 
                   Ms. Sivlia Rosales-Montano, Co-founder Apoyo Urbano, Latin-America/France
                   Ms. Dürten Schölens,
Department of Urban development and Economics, City of Rostock, Germany
                   Ms. Petra Sörling
, CEO, Rosengård Fastighets AB, Sweden
                   Moderator: Mr. Trevor Graham, Director Urbanisland, Sweden


13.00-13.30   Transportation to field cases and technical visits

13:30-17:30   Parallel program tracks: four local cases of partnerships in Malmö (including workshops and visits)
Please note Cases 1, 2, and 3 are accessed by bus, case 4 is accessed by walking or cycling.

  • Case 1: Project Amiralsstaden - TOD at Rosengård station, with Ms. Sophia Bescher
  • Case 2: Property Owners Sofielund – a local BID-model for housing, integration and participation, with Mr. Hjalmar Falck
  • Case 3: Lindängen Programme - social and urban development, with Ms. Agneta Persson
  • Case 4: Västra Hamnen (Western Harbour) – Have it all economic association, with Ms. Helena Paulsson


18:00 Evening reception hosted by City of Malmö


17 April

08:30-09:00 Welcome and registration at Studio

09:00-11:00 Parallel workshops: Knowledge exchange: local and global mechanisms

The workshops are designed to continue the learning from the first day’s technical visits with discussions comparing local case studies with international examples. They will allow participants to question the international and local projects about methodology, challenges, strengths and stakeholders involved, which will be a mutually beneficial exercise not only for participant’s own projects but for those of the presenters too, as there will be a collaborative thinking group activity based on presentations and discussions.

For the best engagement, we recommend you to choose the workshop with the same Swedish case as your chosen technical visit. This will allow you to meaningfully engage not only with the local case but also similar international cases.

  • Case 1: Multifunctional partnerships - integrated regeneration projects:
                 Mr. Christophe Lamontre, RATP, France   // Download presentation
                 Mr. Charles Lin,
    Deputy Mayor, City of Taipei, Taiwan  // Download presentation
                 Ms. Thérèse Mol,
    Project Manager Piushaven, Netherlands  // Download presentation
                 Ms. Helena Paulsson
    , President, Have It All economic association, Western Harbour, Sweden   // Download presentation
                 Moderator: Ms. Helle Juul, Juul + Frost Architects, Denmark

More details

  • Case 2: Participatory Development and Business Improvement Districts (BID)
                 Mr. Hjalmar Falck,
    Sofielund, Sweden
                 Mr. Rémi Feredj, CEO Poste Immo, France   // Download presentation
                 Ms. Monika Konrad, Strelka KB, Russia   // Download presentation              
                 Mr. Wei-I Lee
    , National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan // Download presentation     
                 Moderator: Ms. Milena Klasing-Chen, SNCF Research Innovation, France 

More details

More details

  • Case 4:New stakeholders – emergency/temporary and short-term involvement
                 Ms. Sophia Bescher, 
    Project Amiralsstaden, Sweden  // Download presentation
                 Mr. Frank Gauthier
    , Immo SNCF, France   // Download presentation
                 Mr. Dominique Laousse, SNCF Innovation Prospective, France  // Download presentation
                 Ms. Nihal Ragab, Rådrum, Sweden
                 Moderator: Mr. Fernando Nunes da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal

More details


11:30-12:30 Plenary session 3: Reflections from parallel thematic sessions

                    Mr. Roy Adams, Roy Adams Consulting, France  
                    Ms. Helle Juul
, Juul + Frost Architects, Denmark
                    Ms. Milena Klasing-Chen, SNCF Research Innovation, France 
                    Mr. Fernando Nunes da Silva, University of Lisbon, Portugal
                    Moderator: Mr. Trevor Graham, Director Urbanisland, Sweden

13:30-14:30 Plenary session 4: A partnership path towards the SDGs 

                     Mr. Christer Larsson, Director of City Planning, City of Malmö, Sweden
                     Mr. Per-Arne Nilssen, Union of the Baltic Cities, Sweden
                     Mr. David Rudlin, Academy of Urbanism, UK
                     Ms. Märta Stenevi, City of Malmö, Nordic City Network, Sweden
                     Mr. Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General, INTA
                     Moderator: Mr. Trevor Graham, Director Urbanisland, Sweden


15:00-15:45 Plenary session 5: Towards a new ecosystem of stakeholders, new rules, new behaviours

                     Mr. Lawrence Barth, Architectural Association, London, UK 
                     Mr. Gilbert Emont, Institute Palladio, France 
                     Moderator: Mr. Trevor Graham, Director Urbanisland, Sweden


15.45-16.00 Closing by City of Malmo and INTA 

                     Mr. Christer Larsson, Director of City Planning, Malmö, Sweden
                     Mr. Maurice Charrier, President, INTA
                     Ms. Dürten Schölens, Department of Urban development and Economics, City of Rostock, Germany

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