Technical Visit 1: 13.30-17.30 16 April 2018
Amiralsstaden - TOD at Rosengård Station: Why local involvement is important in urban planning
Visit led by Ms. Sophia Bescher
Means of transport: Bus

30 people maximum
French translation available on this visit

A new train station in Rosengård, one of Malmö’s socially and economically challenged areas? Yes, this is what’s going to happen when the first train leaves Rosengård station in December this year. Amiralsstaden is an urban planning process, led by the City planning office in Malmö, who will use the new station as a catalyst for a wide range of urban development projects in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

It is important to note that Amiralsstaden constitutes an important population centre of Malmö. Consequently, there are plenty of private and public activities to consider when starting urban development projects. As an urban planning process Amiralsstaden therefore asks questions about how we can make sure that the city is involved in the local processes, rather than the city demanding local participation in its processes. Simply put, we must change our perspective and democratise our work even more.

We encourage you to take part in this session where we will start with a walk through Rosengård, followed by a stop at Amiralsstaden’s project office where we will hold a workshop and together investigate how we can democratise urban planning.

// Amiralsstaden website (swedish)

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Technical Visit 2: 13.30-17.30 16 April 2018
Sofielund and the BID model
Visit led by Mr. Hjalmar Falck
Means of transport: Bus

In Malmö the BID (Business improvement district) urban development tool has for some years been tested in the lower socio-economic area of Sofielund, to plan and develop the area to be liveable, attractive, safe and green. In Sofielund we actively incorporate the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development goals into our work.

Sofielund in Malmö is one of the few BIDs in Sweden and the first such district in Malmö. The area is very centrally located and has a huge potential to be developed to a very popular and attractive area.  To be able to realise the liveable, attractive, safe and green vision for Sofielund, the many real estate owners, Malmö city council and local businesses need to cooperate and involve the area’s inhabitants.

As part of the visit you will meet many of the key stakeholders in the BID process: politicians, police, criminologists, NGO’s, urban planners, environmental officials. We will also discuss the role of media and the image of an area. You will also experience a guided bus tour of Malmö before arriving at the Sofielund BID area.

// Sofielund website (swedish)

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Technical Visit 3: 13.30-17.30 16 April 2018
Programme Lindängen – A new model for social and urban development
Visit led by Ms. Agneta Persson
Means of transport: Bus

Lindängen is a 1960-1970’s residential area in the southern part of Malmö. The area has met socio-economic challenges right from the beginning and there’s a great need of both social investments and actual redesign. At the same time, there is a strong engagement from residents and civil society which demonstrate the potential for Lindängen to grow in a positive direction. To act in a forceful manner, the City of Malmö is developing a model for a new way of working through Programme Lindängen, a five-year pilot programme for coordinated guidance of social and physical investments. 

The purpose of the programme is both to develop a model for managing programmes and to act as an umbrella for a variety of projects and operations with common goals and benefits. The City of Malmö´s budget is nearly 500 million SEK 2022 for the investments in Lindängen during the pilot period. The new way of working is built on effective cooperation across The City´s 14 concerned administrations, as well as close cooperation with police, emergency service, employment office, real estate owners, business, universities, civil society and residents. 

The aim is to - through extensive partnership - achieve a socially, ecologically and economically sustainable Lindängen. 

During your technical visit, you will gain insight in four different meeting places where local initiatives, together with active participation of residents, contribute to social coherence. You will also be given examples of how the City of Malmö is actively working with knowledge alliances in spheres such as health care, labour market and resident participation. 

// Lindängen website (swedish)

Download the programme:pdf download



Technical Visit 4: 13.30-17.30 16 April 2018
Västra Hamnen – Western harbour: Have it all economic association
Visit led by Ms. Helena Paulsson
Means of transport: Walking or biking

Västra Hamnen – the Western Harbour – is one of Malmö’s largest residential construction projects. When complete around 2030, it will have 20,000 residents and a roughly equivalent number of jobs. Once a thriving and then declining industrial area, the Western Harbour has been transformed into an attractive and sustainable modern dockland development.

Built using fill material, the Western Harbour served as a dock and port area for the Kockums shipyard and other industries from the mid-1800s to the 1980s. The Western Harbour redevelopment project was then launched in conjunction with the Bo01 European Housing Expo of 2001. The expo theme was urban development in an ecologically sustainable information and welfare society. Bo01 brought the construction of a new city district, featuring pioneering environmental solutions and innovative architecture, to the Western Harbour.

Since then and following the themes of sustainability, community, mobility and the environment, a cornerstone of the redevelopment project has been the Västra Hamnen economic association – “Have it all”. It is a partnership between residents, businesses, associations, the city and universities that strives to make the Western Harbor a great place to live, to work or to relax. Have a job, have a life, have fun - Have it all!

The platform helps provide a dynamic community of companies, organisations and associations, and residents by sharing information, knowledge and business opportunities through member meetings, digital forums and project coordination. With recurring events throughout the year, the organisation/association creates an increase in the presence and movement of people in the area..

During the visit you will see firsthand how this partnership benefits all members of Västra Hamnen. The visit will notably focus on the subject of ´Mobility´. The participants will experience the area at land and at sea with a walking, cycling and boat tour.

// Have It All Website (swedish) 


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