A summary of INTA42: 

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Innovation is a transformation process. Those transformation don't have to be only global. Medium and small cities and their communities can be innovative and transformative at their own scales.  Germanico Pinto

Revolution in Tunisia started from medium sized cities. Innovation is not a choice but a survival issue in those cities, as administratives functions are not enough anymore to feed and develop the mid-sized cities.  Walid Bel Haj Ali

Innovation can be global or local. It can have negative effects and should be treated the same way depending the scale. Fernando Nunes da Silva

Regiopolises: cities are helping to develop rural areas and relieve metropolises at the same time. Johannes Weinand

In multilevel governance, too easy solutions are most of the time the wrong ones. Maurice Charrier

Political color doesn’t matter when citizens share one vision of the desired city. Urban Plans show how its image constitutes itself the force of change and development. Wiktor Szydarowski

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Our friends from Rostock sent INTA a note on the echoes in the German public debate about our 42nd Congress. We publish below the note and a press article on the Regiopolis approach.

                Today the planning office of Rostock, as well as all development agencies, are quite busy with a dozen of legally binding land-use plans to finalise, then to be reviewed at public hearings before a policy decision is made; some of these plans include proposals made during the INTA’s congress such as the national gardener/landscape/urban development exhibition, the next most famous mega project of Rostock. The Rostock’s model of revaluating the role and potential of medium-sized cities was inspiring to all, and the vivid discussion reinforces the confidence of Rostock that the Regiopolis approach to the challenges of the medium and small cities is an efficient instrument.

Meanwhile a famed national journal (OBM, the Journal of German Mayors) published a summary of a debate between German mayors on the Regiopolis approach (see the attached English version). They call the German regional states governments (Landers) to study further the Regiopolis approach implemented in North East Germany. With new railway schedule in 2019 the Region will benefit from improved railway and road connections between Regiopolis city Rostock and metropolitan city Berlin. Dr. Marcus Eltges from “Federal institute on building, urban affairs and spatial development”, who spoke in Rostock, underlined what the Federal State can do to strengthen Regiopolis cities to the benefit of all German intermediate city networks, signalling the beginning of a new period of territorial consolidation. This is a trend that Regiopolis cities strategists in Rostock like to strengthen. In March 2019 the German network of Regiopolis cities will meet with the parliamentarians from German Regiopolis cities in the Bundestag.

We, from Rostock, hope, that all of you will remember us, and our joint conference, with pleasure. In November 2018 the Georgian city Batumi celebrated its first sustainable development forum, may be a little bit influenced from long term cooperation between Rostock and Batumi, inspired also by the INTA’ Congress. If you have any requests do not hesitate to ask or invite us to dialogue, and share with us your ideas.

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Report from the German channel MV1 on our congress (in German):



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