From 2005 to 2007 INTA has been partner in an EU funded INTERREG IIIC project: ‘Intelligent Cities – Innovative and Competitive Cities for Sustainable Development.’ The project was linked to the need for a strategy for innovative, competitive cities that will function on a national and international level. Cities are undergoing a renaissance as scenes for economic development and as driving forces behind regional competitiveness. National matters such as economic competitiveness, quality of life, social equilibrium, innovation and environmental sustainability depend on the capacity for governance of cities and city regions. The project aims were to draw up a strategy for a city policy based on interregional cooperation, and to define one of its specific tools focusing on knowledge and innovation – the “innovation hub”. An “innovation hub” is an area of excellence in which science, technology and innovation are used to galvanize cities and achieve sustainable urban development. The project launched a set of political guidelines for creating innovative, competitive towns.

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