SportUrban24 partners from the EU have joined efforts to address a common issue: how to make Sports facilities a lever to economic development, urban regeneration, social inclusion and improved image of towns and cities. New trends in the practice of sport are calling into question the spatial status quo: new and more individualistic sports are developing outside established sports institutions; new territorial spaces are opening up to the practice of sports, in particular on public spaces in urban areas. The appearance of new sporting places and the requalification of traditional urban spaces have helped many games to develop into full-fledged sports. These new sporting areas, or areas where the public can enjoy sports events, have created the need for new transport and facilities, and often the creation of new services. This, in turn, has changed the townscape. Faced with these trends, local authorities have a key role to play in defining the use of public space and in regulating the public service and social functions of sport. The project was supported by the INTERREGIIIC programme of the EU.

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SportUrban kick-off meeting
SportUrban Thematic Seminar on Social Inclusion in Seine Saint Denis, France
SportUrban Thematic Seminar on Economic Development in Charleroi, Belgium
SportUrban Thematic Seminar on Spatial Development in Emmen, The Netherlands
Downloads Cycle of Thematic Seminars
Sport & Development Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
SportUrban mid-term conference in Paris, France
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Lisbon, Portugal
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Rostock, Germany
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Patras, Greece
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Vaulx-en-Velin, France
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Heerlen, The Netherlands
SportUrban Advisory Panel in Seine Saint Denis, France
SportUrban Advisory panel in Sardegna, Italy
SportUrban Advisory panel in Belfast, United Kingdom
SportUrban Advisory panel in Trento, Italy
Study Visit & Round Table in Bologna, Italy
Stage d’observation Charleroi - Vaulx-en-Velin
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