At the heart of INTA's mission is the transfer of know-how on strategic urban development. Members from over 60 countries use INTA as a platform to share and support practice and experience among peers, across departments and sectors.INTA stands for the open exchange of knowledge with the ambition to make urban development projects worldwide more sustainable, balanced and connected.

Several methods are used within INTA to facilitate the dialogue between stakeholders. The INTA Roundtable is the most accessible   format of INTA's activities. During two to three days a selected group of international INTA members with specific experience in a certain field is invited by the host institution to review the current state of a particular urban development project or strategy. After optional site visits, the INTA practitioners engage in a roundtable discussion with local decision or opinion makers. Presentations are followed by reactions from the local experts, translating the international practice to the local context. This interaction generates an inspiring and constructive, forward-looking dialogue.

The INTA Roundtables produce refreshing and heartening ideas, concepts and visualizations on the future challenges of a city or region. The result is a lively and interactive conference in an original and inventive format.

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INTA at the Innovative City Forum 2018

INTA will hold a workshop at the Innovative City Forum 2018, on the theme "Why urban and rural territories need solidarity?". The Forum will take place from June 26 to 27, 2018, in Nice, and the workshop on June 27, from 11:30 to 12:30 in the Picasso Room. Metropolitan territories are economically powerful territories with a supranational… Read more

INTAkawa 13 on inclusive Housing for autism

INTA, in partnership with Récipro-Cité and Autisme Rhône Lyon Métropole, organized its 13 INTAkawa on inclusive housing for people with autism, on the 16 May. This solution is an alternative solution between independent living at home and collective living in an institution, which allows the person with a disability to live in a personal home… Read more
Innovative City 2017 Nice

INTA at the Innovative City Forum

How middle-sized cities become innovative milieus? Innovation exists outside the metropolis INTA session at the occasion of Innovative City Forum in Nice on the 6 July 2017 from 14h to 16h, in K9. English speaking session Innovation: a liquid definition Territorial innovation corresponds to innovation by all the players in the territory, at the… Read more

INTA launches an Initiative for Habitat III…

In the context of the preparation of the next UN-HABITAT world conference on housing and sustainable urban development, INTA and its partners are engaged in an initiative for Habitat III - innovation at the heart of urban agenda for the next twenty years. This initiative is built around a series of international consultations. These preparatory… Read more
logo seine saint denis

International benchmark on Sport and…

At the request of the County Council of Seine St Denis, INTA is participating in an 18-month working programme with 2 events organized by INTA, an international benchmark (5-6 November 2015) on the Pole of Excellence for Sport and Disability and an international peer-to-peer review (Panel) that will address the spatial integration of the project… Read more
Lisbon 9april 2

Lisbon 2015, social innovation

International seminar on Social innovation and innovative entrepreneurship ecosystem, Lisbon, April 9, 2015 INTA board members gathered in Lisbon for their board meeting participated as speakers and participants in a seminar organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Lisbon, held on april 9, 2015. This seminar aimed to elected officials… Read more
Leaflet MiP2014

Metropolitan dialogues 2014-2015

Europe 2020 needs a Metropolitan strategy Europe’s metropolitan regions and areas play a crucial role in the economic, social, territorial and environmental future of the continent. Europe’s metropolitan territories are not only a major part of the EU’s image, its cultural identity and attractiveness, but also powerful motors for competitiveness,… Read more

Lisbon 2-4 September 2013. Vertical Mobility…

WELCOME TO THE UPPER FLOOR: VERTICAL MOBILITY IN THE CITYInternational workshop2-3 September, Lisbon, PortugalSeminar on Vertical mobility: projects, benchmarking and innovation – open to the public4 September, Lisbon, Portugal Slopes, stairs, ramps, footbridges, urban elevators, inclined elevators and slopes lifts, escalators, funiculars, cable… Read more

2013 Reunion Island | Eco-City Project

Two years after the panel on the backland of the port of the city of Port, the TCO (intermunicipality of the west coast of the island) requested INTA to organize an international exchange of experiences on the management of large urban projects. 9-14 February, Reunion Island The TCO and the three municipalities of Port, Possession and St. Paul… Read more

Metro in progress: interviews and…

What about Metropolitan Strategies worldwide? International roundtables and interviews with representatives from Europe, Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa and Middle Est countries from November 2012 to April 2013.Within the context of the activities of the Community of Competence on Metropolisation and in response to requests from its… Read more

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