forum tratamiento4In partnership with the Peruvian NGO Ciudad Saludable, the Municipality of the District of Comas at Lima and the United Nations Center for Regional Development – Latin America and Caribbean Office, INTA has organized a series of debates about the management and treatment of waste and its implications in three different fields: technical, socio-economical and urban planning.


The international roundtable joined experts, technicians, public and private sector representatives, of the following countries: Egypt, Morocco, France, India, Colombia, Chile and Peru.

The roundtable started with a technical visit to the District of Comas, in the north side area of the city of Lima, where the participants were able to meet different "recicladores " (recyclers) district associations. Following the visit, a conference was held from the technical point of view on the complete vision of the industrial chain which gathers formal and informal activities on the implementation of more efficient and environmentally friendly systems.

The socio-economical perspective allowed putting the public and private service question into the discussion, and its role on job creation and on improving working conditions for the waste pickers, as well as the economic appreciation of waste material. The roundtable worked as a forum for a mutual exchange of experiences about the informal workers' associations of India, Colombia, Chile, Egypt, and Peru.

From the urban planning perspective, INTA gave to the participants a thought about the capacity of the urban space to improve the resources' use and to expedite the waste collection, selection and elimination by creating new employment opportunities and inclusion of the most deprived population.

The Roundtable program in english and spanish

Images from the Facebook page of Ciudad Saludable

Images from the technical visit

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