Seymour Morsyalt
Seymour Morsy, civil servant, has a wealth of experience within state departments and with a large public company. He was the former Chief Executive of the County Council of Val d'Oise, (one of the 8 counties of the Paris Region).
His experience of over ten years in the Ministry of Interior in particular as a sub-prefect enabled him to acquire accurate knowledge of territories, public services and relations between the state and local governments. He also worked in various departments including the Department of Justice, giving him a transversal approach to public policy.
For almost three years, Seymour worked for RATP (State owned Paris public transport company) as Director of Development and Territorial Action, where he was in charge of relations with local authorities and large infrastructure projects in the Paris Region.

Anna Rowinski
She is an architect specialised in community planning and urban regeneration projects.
Since 2001, she has have been working in setting up and implementing projects for the physical, social, cultural and economic upgrading of different neighbourhoods in Torino.
She is one of the founding members of the worker's cooperative “Sumisura”, composed by architects, community consultants, anthropologist and economists. The cooperative focuses on public space and local resources as main tools to improve life quality in communities; our work is based on a participatory approach and aims at defining actions that are sustainable from the social, economic and environmental point of view.
At present, she is mainly following the project “San Salvario local development Agency”, active from 1999 and financed by Turin Municipality. The Agency sets up and carries out actions for the development of the area, a neighbourhood that in the recent past was affected by urban blight also relating to massive immigration.
She also worked as a lecturer in Politecnico di Torino and USAC (University Studies Abroad Consortium - USA) and spent some of my time studying and then working in Mali and Senegal on projects concerning habitat and traditional architecture.

Alexandra Gestaalt
Born in Oporto, Alexandra Gesta is architect and began her public career with the municipality of Guimarães in 1980. In 1983 the Mayor asked her to create an urban project unit for the regeneration of the historic centre - Office for the Historical Center's Renewal (now Gabinete Technico Local). Since then, Alexandra Gesta has piloted the team of architects, planners and engineers responsible for the renewal of the center of Guimarães. His work has received several national and international awards: Europa Nostra, the national award for architecture, the price for renewal - Associação dos Arquitectos Portugueses, Real Fundación de Toledo's Award, "Imagem da Cidade " price. - Ministério do Ambiente. The historical center of Guimaraes has been included in the World Heritage List of Unesco.

Tyke Tykesson
altTyke Tykesson (born 1962) is an architect/urban planner and architectural historian. He was educated in architecture in Lund and Glasgow and studied art history and history of ideas and sciences at Lund University. Since 2002 he has been employed at Malmö City Planning Office and is currently working with comprehensive planning. He has written several books about the architectural history of Malmö and has been teaching at Malmö Högskola and Lund University.

Roy Adams
altRoy is an urban planner specialising in urban regeneration. He has been involved with major development schemes ranging across infrastructure, housing, shopping centres and stadia in the United Kingdom and France. After 10 years (1994-2004) as Chief Executive of Europe’s largest multi-discipline firm of architects and engineers, Building Design Partnership, he founded his own company – Entity Partnerships – specialising in regeneration projects, with a strong sustainability emphasis in approach, from strategy through to implementation.
Roy has been Chairman of several INTA ‘expert panels’ on urban issues in Japan, France, Morocco and Poland. In the mid 1990’s he won and led a European Commission research project on ‘Technology and Cities’ which involved comparative studies across 40 European cities. He has also worked, during a six-week sabbatical, with street children in Brazil.
He was awarded an OBE in January 2006 for services to urban regeneration in North Belfast, where he was for four years an advisor to government on community capacity-building and Chairman (Jan 2006 - August 2007) of a cross-community, Ministerial Advisory Panel charged with producing a development strategy for a c.£300 million project on a 30 acre site occupied by a 19th Century prison and a former army barracks in Belfast.

José María Diez
José María Diez graduated in industrial engineering from the University of Valladolid, Spain, and obtained a master’s degree in transport and logistics from the University of Burgos. He is currently preparing a PhD in sustainable urban mobility with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and Burgos. He has worked for the Strategic Plan of the City of Burgos (the entity responsible for sustainable development projects in the city) and as a part-time lecturer at the University of Burgos for the last eight years, after experiences in other fields. He has broad experience in European, national and regional development projects regarding mobility, urbanism or energy, including Burgos site coordination and site dissemination management for CiViTAS II CARAVEL; project coordination for the CiViNET project or secretariat coordination for the CiViTAS Spain and Portugal Network, among others.

Barbara Pillonel

altDelegate for Communication and Promotion of Soft mobility, City of Geneva (Switzerland)
Barbara Pillonel has been working for several years as coordinator for implementing a cycle network and cycling facilities in Geneva within the department of maintenance roads and mobility.
Today, her tasks consist in promoting sustainable mobility - together with citizen organizations -  in organizing awareness campaigns and in making public communication. 


Philippe Jean Pierre
altDirector of AGORAH (Agency for Planning and Housing Studies of Reunion Island), Director of the Masters program in “Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning” at the University of Reunion Island, he is the Director of the Masters program in “Marketing,” promoted by the IAE in the island of La Réunion. He teaches the following courses: “Management,” “Public Finance,” “Marketing,” “Project Engineering,” “Prospects and Economic Development,” “International Business,” “Management Strategies” and “Statistics.”

Jeroen Laven
altJeroen Laven (1969) is a partner at Stipo, team for urban planning, and member of the board of Inspiring Cities (international network for cities and culture) and the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam.
Stipo is a knowledge team, based in Rotterdam and Amsterdam.  Stipo works for local authorities, housing corporations and other parties.
The operating area for Stipo projects is urban development and social-spatial strategy. People’s lives are central, now and in the future. In Stipo we combine expertise in urban planning, varying from urban planning and economics, to urban anthropology, psychology and cultural sciences.
Over the last years we see a shift in planning from “making a city” to “being a city”.  This paradigm shift changes the work of planners, and creates opportunities for other groups and organizations to influence the development of cities.   In my talk I will highlight some of the theoretical and practical projects we have worked on in and around the Rotterdam-area. Examples vary from the process to create a child friendly route, a new approach for the street at eye-level (solutions for vacant plinths), new strategies for housing corporations and new ways to develop neighborhood-plans.


altFernando Nunes da Silva, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon in charge of transports




altRolando Borges Martins, Chairman Parque EXPO


altMichel Sudarskis, INTA Secretary General

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