NangangCOSMOS Inc and the City of Taipei invited an INTA Panel of practitioners with specific experience in different areas of workspace neighbourhood development and metropolitan integration processes to look into the transformation and regeneration of the Nangang District in Taipei into an innovative urban environment. A group of 6 INTA panelists from Singapore, New York, Fukuoka, London and the Randstad visited the area and shared experience and views with the stakeholders involved in the integration of the Nangang district development projects and its impact on Greater Taipei.

The Nangang District assembles the majority of heavy industry during the course of Taipei City's early development. In response to the advancement of science and technology and the changing industrial patterns, the industry gradually moved to other locations in Northern Taiwan. Nangang wants to become attractive again to new industries, and there are numerous advantages to the area: its excellent geographical location in the centre of Taiwan's Science and Technology corridor, but it also occupies the key position as the eastern pivot in Taipei's cultural and creative delta.

altWith the aim to reverse the impressions of Nangang as a "blackened" area filled with heavy industry facilities, Taipei City Government as well as the central government have implemented several significant construction and/or development projects hoping to give Nangang an overall renovation.

Several interrelated projects have been started to push forward the transformation and the rebirth of Nangang: 

  • to equip the Nangang Station with "three-in-one" mutimodal functions (Taiwan High Speed Rail, Taiwan Rail and Taipei Metro);
  • to incorporate into Nangang's underground railway projects the establishment of Nankang Software Park and Taipei World Trade Centre and Nangang Exhibition Hall;
  • to conduct reviews on related urban plans; and
  • to replot and rearrange the land involved with the underground railway project.

Nonetheless, no common project or regulations have been established as far as the progress of Nangang's underground railway project is concerned for most of the residents or business owners within the peripheral areas. Although Nangang possesses the potential for further development, the lack of local specialties is a crucial issue. How to converge local opinions toward establishing objectives and orientation answering adequately to both local requirements and development of specialties while working on Nangang's regional development.

NangangTo accelerate the transformation of Nangang and to seek ideas for related prospects or orientation without jeopardising urban spaces and environmental quality, the Urban Redevelopment Office of Taipei City has invited INTA practitioners to join an International Forum and share views and suggestions. The incorporation of both international viewpoints and local resources into Nangang's future development will help decision-making, the follow-up establishment of a more detailed integration mechanism and the full-scale commencement of Nangang's regeneration.

After the Roundtable in Nangang, the group went further to discuss new metropolitan synergies in the Tainan Region, Southern Taiwan.


Cosmos Inc Planning and Design Consultants


Taipei Urban Redevelopment Office Taipei City


Urban Regeneration Station URS



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Read more on the Nangang Urban Regeneration Forum on the resourceful website of the Urban Regeneration Station URS of Taipei City:

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