INTATainanAt the end of a week of peer-to-peer discussions on urban regeneration and metropolitan integration strategies in Nangang (Taipei) and Tainan (South Taiwan), today, Friday April 1st, Tainan City Government and INTA hold a Roundtable Conference at the Shangri-La Hotel in Tainan for an international exchange on the new metropolitan synergies emerging from the merger between Tainan City and Tainan County. The event is attended by over 200 professionals from Taiwanese central and local authorities, industry and university.

The two administrative jurisdictions merged into one municipality at the end of last year, bringing new challenges of metropolitan governance to Tainan Government. The Roundtable discussions will focus on priorities related to the new administrative structure; economic development, the emergence of new industries, resource integration, tourism development, the integration of transportation networks, as well as major urban redevelopment projects and the establishment of new science and innovation environments. The purpose of the exchange is to look for new strategic measures and promote sustainable development in Tainan.

INTATainanBoth new challenges and development have arisen after the merger of Greater Tainan. The change of the administrative boundaries provides the metropolis a new opportunity for comprehensive regional development. With strong support from revitalized industrial sectors, the international competitiveness of the new urban areas will be enhanced.

The rapid changes in the spatial structure of urban areas throughout Taiwan, redefining urban cores and boundaries, are bringing about an adjustment of new types of land utilization affecting existing economic and logistics service systems. New economic and cultural development trends and new urban spatial development relationships are significant tasks challenging the Tainan City Government.


Tainan invited an INTA panel of practitioners with specific experience in different areas of metropolitan integration processes. A group of 6 INTA panelists from Singapore, New York, Fukuoka, London and the Randstad visited the region and its main economic areas and shared experience and views with the stakeholders involved in the integration of the Tainan region. The day before the Conference, an internal Roundtable discussion was organised to exchange information on different flagship projects. The exercise brings together the main Government actors with the INTA panelists, resulting in an inspiring dialogue that helps to create new understandings of current processes facing urban regions around the world.


Tainan City Government and INTA will collaborate in the next years on regional development, public governance, policy planning. A Letter of Intent was signed at the Conference by the Mayor of Tainan, Lai Ching-Te, and Michel Sudarskis.

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