Roundtable Tallinn: Rethinking Public Buildings for a New Civic Landscape

25-26 May: Internal workshops between global practitioners and local stakeholders

Friday 27 May: Public Seminar
Facilitator: Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General INTA, Netherlands

Introduction to Roundtable
Toomas Sepp, City Secretary Tallinn
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The New Tallinn City Hall
Jakob Lange, Partner, Bjarke Ingels Group Architects, Denmark
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Tallinn in 2011: Cultural City
Endrik Mänd, Chief Architect of Tallinn, Estonia

Conclusions internal workshops and introduction to the theme
Chaired by Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General INTA, Netherlands
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The Role of Design in Democratic Engagement

John Worthington, Director, Academy of Urbanism, Co-Founder, DEGW, UK
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Workspace Urbanism and the Architecture of Transformation (download pdf)
Lawrence Barth, Professor, Housing and Urbanism Graduate School, Architectural Association, UK
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Re-making Place and the Emerging Civic Economy (download pdf)
Joost Beunderman, Research 00:/ , Netherlands/UK
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Park Spoor Noord / Creating Identity: High-quality Spaces for Multiple Civic Functions (download pdf)
Steven Geeraert, Project Manager Public Domain, Department City Planning, City of Antwerp, Belgium
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The case of the campus of the Warsaw School of Economics (download pdf)
Marek Bryx, Former Minister of Housing, Director Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
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Roundtable discussion 1 "The City Hall as an impetus for district regeneration"
Michel Sudarskis, Marek Bryx, Steven Geeraert, Janis Dripe (Riga City Architect), Kalle Komissarov (Professor of Architecture, Estonian Academy of Arts), Viljar Meister (Tallinn City Office, Administrative Director)

Roundtable discussion 2 "Planning for public value"
Lawrence Barth, John Worthington, Joost Beunderman, Endrik Mand (Tallinn City Architect), Katrin Paadam (Professor, Tallinn University of Technology)

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