Warsaw SGH ProgramRethinking University Space: the SGH Redevelopment

WARSAW, POLAND | 28-30 September 2011 | SGH Campus

Civic institutions, such as Universities and learning centres, are the foundations of the civil and democratic society. When designed appropriately, they contribute to social and economic exchanges and help to define a community's identity by generating a sense of pride and ownership. They can be anchors for downtown areas, fostering frequent and meaningful contact between citizens, adding enhancement to the civic realm.

The Collegium of Business Administration of the Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) and INTA organised an open International Roundtable to build a new understanding on the role of working places such as Universities in present-day urban development.

The role of a civic institution extends beyond the building itself and engages its public space. Civic institutions cannot regenerate an area alone. Partnering with the non-profit and private sectors, as well as other community anchors, can help these institutions better achieve their own goals.

With this Roundtable, INTA and the Collegium of Business Administration promote an urban development processes that enhance sustainability and build human capital. Presentations from multiple regional and disciplinary backgrounds have reflected the shift in design and planning from an aesthetic-oriented approach towards a civic engagement model.

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