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Metropolisation of river basins, between threats and opportunities was an open international Roundtable within Real Corp Conference in Schwechat, Vienna, 15 May 2012

test3INTA members whose territories are crossed by a river and who have to manage this asset as a natural axis of communication, development and territorial cooperation, have decided that governance and development issues for those territories require an overall reflection. Danube's project (Donau Hanse), funded in 2004 as part of Interreg III, can serve as an illustration and reference to search new modes of governance of large areas in a fluvial territory.

INTA, together with Central European Institute of Technology (CEIT) within the Community of Competence metropolisation, organised a one-day round-table hosted at the 17th Real Corp International Conference in Schwechat, Austria. This international event represents the occasion to explore the new dimensions of urban development along river basins. Several fascinating cases have been identified that provide solutions to the questions raised by the metropolisation process. Policy makers, urban stakeholders and practitioners were there to inspire an imaginative and critic approach to future policy development.

Thematic issue that were explored:

  • How such corridor can foster regional interactions?
  • How sharing a river basin can be leverage for a coherent and cohesive development ?

How to maintain a balanced urban growth together with the protection of natural corridors?  
  • These natural axis are often connection and trade systems.
  • Which integrated governance mechanism allows sharing large infrastructural equipments along a river basin ?
  • How to develop different scales of connection fostering urban and regional interactions along the river and within the territories around?

    Download the programme in PDF
    Download the final report in PDF

    Background readings which integrate the final report
    Report on Vienna's Urban Development Plan STEP 05


The topic of this roundtable has been posted at the CC Metropolisation discussions' page.
Join the discussion on the CCMetropolisation to contribute to the debate!

This activity was organised with the following partners:

Central European Institute of technology, Schwechat, Austria  
Real corp  
RealCorp 17th International Conference on Urban Planning and Regional Development in the Information Society
GeoMultimedia 2012

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