MC imagen 011 Museo Tumbas Reales en Lambayeque - con el arqueólogo Walter AlvaThe expected impacts of the Olmos (on the northern Peruvian shore) hydraulic energy project show the need for a large territorial planning operation to receive a significant amount of rural workers. To deal with this challenge, the regional government of Lambayeque, with a team of experts of the Proyecto Especial Olmos-Tinajones (PEOT), the municipality of the Olmos District, and the vice-minister for urbanism have signed a cooperation deal to put in place a territorial plan at the district scale, including a master plan of four New Towns.

In this backdrop, INTA has organised an international Master Class in partnership with the Peruvian Ministry of Habitat – through the National Office of Urbanism, the PEOT and the regional government of Lambayeque.

INTA's goal was to organise an open debate and a wide reflexion about the creation of new urban center, and, with this framework, provide the Peruvian authorities an experienced group of practitioners, members of INTA's international network.

Six experts in project management of territorial planning and design of New Towns gave this Master Class, which was moderated by INTA's secretary-general, Michel Sudarskis. INTA's mission occurred on site, with a technical visit to Olmos, worked with a PEOT team in the City of Chiclayo, and participated at a meeting at the ministry of habitat to present its conclusions and opinions directly to the minister M. René Cornejo.

PEOT's proposition for the design of four New Towns at Olmos was examined from three different perspectives:

  • The global vision of the proposition for the territorial plan
  • The process' regional and local vision
  • The urban system and its connection with the Olmos workspace


Check the report of the Master Class by Jacques Gally (in french) or in spanish

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