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Ville-intelligente sept 3At the request of several of its members and to address their concerns for the future city, INTA organized a workshop on the concept of smart city in Paris, France, 3-4 Septembre 2012.
A media concern but also a very exciting topic because transversal and requiring a complex integrated vision of the territory in terms of services, governance and infrastructure, "Smart City" is currently on the agendas of all urban development actors.

Questions raised include: What is the scale of the Smart City? What is its definition? How to conceive an integrated sustainable city where people, economy, mobility, environment, living and governance are smart?
The objective of the 2-days meeting has been to reflect  on the issue of Smart Cities within a non-sectoral but systemic thinking. (Participation upon invitation)

Please find more reading materials and texts under the background section of the CCWU

Results and outcomes of the metting will be published on the Communities of Competence Platform's pages and will contribute to trigger the discussion started within both the Community of Competence Workspace Urbanism and CCInnovation for Services on this topic.

You are invited to join the discussion on the CCWU and CCS to contribute to the debate!

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