DSC03766Places of connection are places of intense environment, places of conflicts that turned to be places of opportunity.

Utrecht (NL) hosted the first learning event with the participation of Hafencity Hamburg, Bordeaux, Malmo, Cardiff, Tampere, Oslo, Stuttgart and Milton Keynes with the purpose of capturing some basic principles for future development. 

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[...]Few slogans were coined to help framing the debate:
Creating, Connecting, Collaborating,  Changing,  Communicating,  Controlling.
How to create complexity?  How to manage the spirit of change?

At the end, the Utrecht meeting pointed out to some principles:
1/ Past makes the future; memorise & understand the past when building the future
2/ Managing the quality of the expectations
3/ Layering decision, hierarchy and sequencing;
4/ Urban development through collaboration and trust
5/ Develop architectural intelligence in the service of urban development [...]

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