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International Workshops NAHRO – INTA
23-25 October 2013
Cleveland, OH, USA

New Urban Regeneration
Land Use, Housing and Urban Policy Reform: an international benchmark

On the occasion of its 2013 National Conference in Cleveland, Ohio, NAHRO and INTA will jointly organise a series of three international workshops aimed at bringing forth a debate on public housing policy as leverage for urban regeneration.

This event is the first of a series marking the effective partnership between INTA and NAHRO's members and partners in the United States and North America in the field of the Habitat, Housing and Regeneration. For more detail on NAHRO see its website at

Under this general theme of Land Use, Housing and Urban Policy Reform, NAHRO and INTA intend to foster international exchanges between urban regeneration and housing practitioners on the challenges of urban disinvestment and economic restructuring versus high-minded, future-oriented community development. The workshops in Cleveland will explore policies that capitalize on a place’s unique assets and that see spatial, economic and community development as a single integrated process.

Within the NAHRO National Conference’s programme (24-26 October), these three international workshops are scheduled for Wednesday 23rd, Thursday 24th and Friday 25th October and will take the debate further through the study of benchmark cases.

The first workshop will be followed mid morning and early afternoon by technical visits organised by Cleveland's Communities Development Corporations (CDCs). The Mayor of Cleveland will speak with the delegates at a wrap-up session taking place upon returning from the technical visits. Other international sessions are scheduled in the afternoons of 24th and 25th.

Topics include: sustainability of public housing - land and construction costs, funding mechanisms, access to affordable housing; flexibility and innovation in housing and habitat; inclusionary zoning, mixed-use development, …

These workshops are also part of the activities of the INTA’s Community of Competence (CCs) Tomorrow’s Habitat that is inviting its members and partners to contribute to the debate through a Call for paper. As central themes we expect to receive relevant and thought-provoking ideas pertinent to:

1/ Innovative Housing and Habitat through social enterprises
2/ innovative transformation of vacant land in inner city into "creative places"
3/ Innovative financing of affordable housing
4/ Innovative economic development through planning and urban regeneration
5/ Redefining the field of community development.

Papers in word format should be no longer than 5 pages and should be received by October 4th. More details in the “Call for papers”.

Registrations for the Cleveland event are open at
The fee gives full access to the 2013 NAHRO National Conference.

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