Download the presentations made during the roundtable on vertical mobility in Lisbon.
Télécharger les présentations faites durant la table ronde sur la mobilité verticale à Lisbonne.

Final presentation of the team of the workshop

Mobility, Absorption and Establishing Multiple "Grounds", Dominic Papa, Artchitect S333, London

Vertical Mobility as Platformism, Dominique Laousse, Prospective Department, SNCF, Paris

Mobilidade vertical na Colina do Castelo, Keep Moving, Sustainable Mobility and Vertical Lift, Dulce Moura, Intervention Unit of the Historical Centre, Lisbon City Council, Lisbon

Percurso pedonal assistido da Baixa ao Castelo de S. Jorge, Lisboa, Falcão de Campos, architect, Lisbon City Council

Mobilidade Pedonal para o centro de Lisboa. Principais Intervenções de apoio às deslocações a pé, Fernando Nunes da Silva, Deputy Mayor of Lisbon for Mobility

Is vertical mobility so different ? Learnings from the Workshop, Gabriel Jourdan, AURG, Grenoble

The Mouraria’s Communitarian Development Program or the scenery for vertical (west) access to the Castel of San Jorge. A wish and a challenge, João Wengorovius Meneses, Lisbon City Council

Vertical + Horizontal, Integrating with APMs, Lawrence Fabian, Trans.21, Boston

Otis, the way to green

Urban mobility solutions: Ropeway and inclined lifts, Liftetch

Vertical mobility in Geneva City, Sandra Piriz, Deputy director for mobility, Urban planning and Mobility Department, Geneva City Council

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