parisInternational roundtable "Metropolises, as drivers for economic growth", in partnership with Institut CDC pour la recherche, April 8, 2016

INTA, in collaboration with the Dutch Association DeltaMetropool, is engaged since 2011 in an international comparison of metropolitan strategies through a collaborative program called Metro in Progress.

After a first phase of interviews and meetings with a worldwide range of stakeholders engaged in the metropolitan approach, Metro in Progress gives a priority today, firstly, to the socio-economic development policies and, secondly, to the major territories governance mechanisms.

The CDC Institute for Research and INTA are considering the results of a study led by Laurent Davezies about growth territories, submitting the conclusions to a debate and cross-referencing them with European metropolitan examples.


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Download the programme in PDF with profiles of speakers (in French)

9h30-9h45 : opening by Isabelle Laudier, Director of the Institute CDC for Research

9h45-10h30:  Laurent Davezies’ presentation of the main conclusions of his study
New growth areas: the productive territories ambition and their levers

10h30-11h15: The drivers of new growth territories
Why is their dynamic new? What are their mechanisms?
Panel Discussion of the L. Davezies’ study with: Laurent Davezies, Philippe Serizier, Thierry Baert, Thomas Kiwitt
Moderation: Michel Sudarskis, INTA Secretary General

11h30-13h00:  Planner or Strategist: which position for the metropolis
Direct policies to stimulate local activities or indirect policies to create attractive urban environment? What are their impact on the territory?
- Idoia Postigo, International Relations, Bilbao Metropoli 30, Spain
- Thierry Baert, Director of Studies, Metropolitan Lille urban development & planning agency, Lille, France

14h30-16h00: Metropolis, as a solidarity mechanism and inter-territorial sharing
These mechanisms, related to public and social budgets are certainly decreasing, but the provided share for metropolises tend to increase mechanically, and it is going to continue in this way.
- Thomas Kiwitt, Director of Stuttgart Region, President of Metrex, Germany
- Remy Bañuls, Director of Economic Development and attractiveness, Strasbourg Eurométropole, France
- Jean-Michel Evin, General Manager, TISSEO SMTC, Toulouse, France

16h15-17h00: conclusions and synthesis

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