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Ljubljana-small1/ Metropolitan development under economic crisis: which way forward?
Ljubljana, Slovenia, 25-26 September 2014
After a period of "overheated" economic growth accompanied by spatial development phenomena, such as strong pressure on land for construction of housing and setting up of business zones and infrastructures, as well as an increase in environmental burdens, the Ljubljana metropolitan region encountered a downturn of economic activity, aggravated social situation of large parts of its population and diminishing funds for provision of services for its population as well as for larger development projects. What can be the main tasks of a metropolis and its governance system in such a situation? How can it prioritise its tasks? Which actors should be included? What models, tools, experiences are available for "crisis management"? What are the opportunities for sustainable development? An important aspect is the metropolitan quality of life in crisis or "new reality" circumstances: how can it be retained or even improved?

Bucuresti-giurgiu2/ Framing cross-border metropolitan governance
Bucharest, Rumania, October 2014

Development strategies through transnational alliances (economic and metropolitan corridor from Bucharest to the Danube border with Bulgaria). Metropolitan process cannot ignore their regional and interregional dimensions. How large territories address their social, economic and environ- mental issues? Interregional approach can help creating a coherent framework in polycentric urban contexts.

tallinn transport card3/ Innovation clusters in the Baltic Area (Russia, Finland, Estonia)
Tallinn, Estonia in cooperation with Helsinki, Finland and Saint-Petersburg, Russia (tbc), January 2015

Strengthening an innovative service based development. Good quality housing opportunities at affordable prices able to fulfill the expectations of growing populations; accessible urban services and health care facilities. How Tallinn can strengthen an innovative service based development on a wider metropolitan level in cooperation with Helsinki and St.Petersburg?

Copenhagen Malmo Region Mipim 20130313 5521F 85613691794/ How territories shape the metropolis: caring for the urban metabolism
Copenhagen, Denmark / Malmö, Sweden - 2015
Governance of Strategic Development. Metropolitan relationships can arise from shared problems and opportunities. Borders and natural barriers can present administrative and technical problems to be overcome jointly. Natural resources can form the basis for a common interest in their sustainable use. Water and renewable energy resources, in particular, offer opportunities for metropolitan collaboration

5/ Construction of Metropolitan institutional arrangements
potential cases: Paris, Bordeaux, France
The Metropolitan Governance: the place of the commune in the larger territory. How metropolitan instruments become accountable, democratic and participatory enlarging the gap between decision- making, communities and other stakeholders’ points of views in order to promote equitable and right- based access to opportunities?

6/ The metropolitan dimension of housing for all
potential cases: Lyon, France
The overload of urbanisation creates pressure on existing public policies in terms of provision of housing for all. In some European Union cases, with a high level of owner occupation, housing has been used for speculative investment as well as for dwelling purposes. House prices may rise to the point where they are no longer affordable and rent levels may follow. As housing is such a central aspect of metropolitan competitiveness, and such a main factor in social cohesion, that affordable housing has become a key metropolitan issue. The assessment of housing need, by tenure and possibly afford ability, and the process of balancing this with housing supply, within housing markets over the medium to longer term, has a clear metropolitan dimension.

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