logo t20As part of the T20, the G20 think tank, which is being held in Argentina in July 2018, INTA is organizing an international roundtable on the theme "Territory, Infrastructure and Climate change".

The event is organized as a reflection on the public policy documents of the T20 working group on "Climate Change and Infrastructure for Development", in the light of INTA's work on Cities and Territories in Transformation. Several examples will be presented, led by public figures from North and South America:

Montreal: Sylvain Ducas, ex-director of urban planning of the city of Montreal, Canada
Ibagué: Guillermo Alfonso Jaramillo, Mayor, ex-President of the Colombian Association of Capital Cities
Bogotá: Alejandra Rodriguez, ex-counselor, in charge of the Territorial Arrangement Plan of Bogotá
Puebla: Myriam Arabián, councilor, president of the Puebla Urban Development and Environment Commission



Day 1 - July 27
1 - General presentation of the INTA Program Changing cities and territories and presentation of the main recommendations of the Working Group on Climate Change and Infrastructure for Development
2 - Recognition of territorial fact: a reflection based on the experience of CIPPEC in the Argentine context, and presentation of territorial cases

Day 2 - July 28
3 - Open dialogue and drafting of conclusions


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