Metro in progress - "From Strategies to Implementation
14 November 2013 

Atelier Bouwmeester, Ravensteingalerij 54-59, 1000 Brussels, Belgium


The Metro in progress Programme is heading towards a new phase.
Interviews of stakeholders of 13 metropolises and the ensuing debates, raised questions about the nature of a metropolitan strategy and of the conditions of implementation, i.e. questioning the governance mechanisms of the metropolitan system.
The next step of the study is seeking to analyze more extensively the metropolitan processes occurring within large as well as smaller territory, in particular how to guide the process of moving “from strategies to implementation", i.e. moving from the long term vision to the daily life of the citizens.

A one-day meeting in Brussels, jointly organised by INTA and Deltametropolis Association in partnership with Vlaams Bouwmeester will discuss in particular the European metropolitan issues. Cases studies will frame the debate open to those willing to share their experiences and concerns in dealing with metropolitan governance and projects.

Which cases?
Bordeaux, Paris, Stuttgart, Malmo-Copenhagen, Manchester, Bucarest, Turin, Brussels Capital Region, and Amsterdam..

 For further information on Programme and speakers, please visit the website:

Live updates
During the roundtable comments, tweets, pictures and session summaries have been published in real-time via the special blog | |. The blog collected all information regarding the Brussels meeting.

Spread the word!
The hashtag #MetroInProgress has been used to share thoughts an quotes during the meeting allowing people who couldn't come to Brussels to follow the works.

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