INTA’s Community of Competence Metropolisation programme launched a Call for Papers, inviting members of INTA and the Deltametropolis Association to build a knowledge base with insights, methods and inspiring experiences to bolster the Governance of European Metropolises event on how we can guide the transition process “from strategies to implementation". The event took place in Brussels, Belgium on the 14th of November 2013.

Contributions covered the main topics proposed in the roundtable:

1/ Accessibility and Mobility: How an efficient and well-coordinated infrastructural system may contribute to reducing social inequalities at the metropolitan scale?
2/ Innovation and Economic Development - Specialisation and Economic Identity: How can larger territorial policies better accommodate for innovators and innovation development clusters?
3/ Participation and Representation: How can metropolitan inhabitants be given voice? How can democracy, so well established at the local level, be expressed on a larger scale?
4/ Metropolitan Identity: Is a metropolitan identity necessary? If so, how can a common metropolitan identity be developed?

All the contributions are available for download at http://metroinprogress.inta-aivn.org/index.php/en/pages/metroinprogress-call-for-papers

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