QuitoIn the context of the preparation of  the next  UN-HABITAT world conference on housing and sustainable urban development, INTA and its partners are engaged in  an initiative for Habitat III - innovation at the heart of urban agenda for the next twenty years. This initiative is built around a series of international consultations. These preparatory consultations for the conference are organized in almost all regions of the world.

HABITAT Conference III
HABITAT III is the third United Nations conference on housing and sustainable urban development. Twenty years after the Habitat II Conference in Istanbul, Habitat III aims to be a major event on the issues of cities, in a context marked by new challenges of urbanization. Habitat III will be held in Quito (Ecuador) from 17 to 20 October 2016 on the theme of sustainable urban development: the future of urbanization? The main objective of this conference is to reinvigorate the global commitment to sustainable urban development, focusing particularly on the implementation of a "new urban agenda." Habitat III will be the first global meeting after the adoption of the new Sustainable Development Goals that address their particular urban dimensions. Following the Conference, a non-binding Declaration will be adopted by the Member States; it will nevertheless be decisive for the development of national urban policies.

INTA- HABITAT III initiative 
This parallel initiative to the UN process aims to contribute to the new urban agenda that breaks with conventional models based on local, regional or national territorial, social and technological innovation practices, coming from exchanges between public and private actors of the city: policy makers, companies, civil society.
Several cities have already agreed to participate in these consultations: Medellin in Columbia (31 August - 1st September); St Denis de la Réunion (Spring 2016); Malmo (7-8 October 2015); Santiago de Chile (21-22 October 2015); Paris during the INTA39 Congress (24-26 November 2015); Puebla, Mexico (14 - 18 February 2016). Then it will be Cotonou, Grenoble, Jakarta (February 2016), Saint Denis de La Réunion, Fukuoka and finally Yachay in Ecuador (July 2016).

Address local and global issues
These consultations will provide elements that will make up a new urban agenda that:
  Crosses territorial levels: from the very local to regional,
  Crosses the fields of intervention strategies including local strategies from public stakeholders but also from others parties and actors of the territory; urban planning with renewed tools that can be regulatory, observation, representation tools...; and deployment of innovative solutions from the technology as much as citizen participation; the emergence of new more collaborative procedures,
  Identifies and reports issues of territories in several political, social or technical timeframes: 5 years, 10 years and 20 years.
More than a dozen of critical issues facing urban policy for the next 20 years have been identified: territorial democracy, energy transition, environment and biodiversity, urban economy, technology and territories, etc.

Engage Dialogue between the territories and  the actors of the city of tomorrow
These consultations will be an opportunity to share experiences, practices and practical difficulties in the implementation of local, regional or national territorial innovation.
They will conclude with the publication of a guidance document, an "international contribution" with operational proposals on the unifying theme of innovation for the city of tomorrow. Our media partner La TRIBUNE wil publish the French version. At the conclusion of these consultations, INTA and its partners will map the different aspects of innovation in the city of tomorrow and the coming changes that will impact urban policies.

Want to join this initiative and welcome these international consultations? INTA and its partners will be happy to work with you. Contact the Secretariat of INTA.


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