Mapa Original pueblaAt the request of the President of the Municipal Urban and Sustainable Development Committee of the City of Puebla, Mexico, INTA organises an international mission gathering 15 urban practitioners from various countries: Mexico, England, USA, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Peru and Venezuela (see list and profiles of the experts team).

This mission is part of a global consultation that INTA organises in the framework of its contribution to Habitat III debates, which includes 14 international meetings in 14 different cities.

The international mission objective is to define strategic guidelines to set up the Municipal urban plan and also to identify factors that can allow a successful planning. The President of the Municipal commission is focusing on 4 issues: diversity and densification of the city, evolution of the real estate, promotion of affordable housing and urban planning institutional governance mechanisms.
The major challenge is to make the Plan an efficient tool to lower social and territorial fragmentation of the city, to give more equity and social cohesion.

The methodology of work is divided in 3 phases: 

-at first, field visits (in areas identified for the main urban projects and meetings with local communities) that have shown a city full of contrasts;
- then, interviews with main stakeholders of the city (social, economics and public administration representatives...) that allowed the INTA team to better understand the main challenges that local stakeholders have to face together towards a more sustainable development;
- finally, a brainstorming among the team members.

A public presentation of the conclusions took place the last day (Thursday 18 February). Members from the international mission, the Mayor of Puebla, members of the Municipal Committee, public authorities and headquarters of private companies have addressed this event.

Following our global approach, remarks from the case of Puebla will be put into perspective with previous meetings.

In this context, this mission will allow a double-way reflection: in one hand, from the international experience to the local specific case of Puebla and in the second-hand a contribution of the territorial reality as input in the overall INTA Initiative for Habitat III.


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