H3 quitoAn INTA international mission met in September the Ecuadorian Minister of Housing and Urban Development – President of the Habitat III World Summit Organization


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The final step of the INTA Initiative for Habitat III took place in Latin America… 15 urban development practitioners from a diversity of countries, who participated actively in the various international meetings that INTA has organized since April 2015, and in the restitution and drafting sessions of INTA’s position with regards to Habitat III, will come together.

After the conference "Establishing the dynamics of territorial development and the role of the new city in the area of the project Majes Siguas" (September 13th) and the conference "Living the City of Tomorrow" (September 14th), INTA's experts had the chance to exchange with Mrs. Maria de Los Angeles Duarte, President of the Habitat III World Summit Organization, and her team of collaborators, now into the home stretch toward the World Summit in October (September 15th).

Quito will be the most pertinent scenario to give, in front of the authority responsible for the validation of the New Urban Agenda valid for the next 20 years, an account and a testimony of the vision that a great diversity of actors have come up with regarding the implementation of urban politics for social, economic, and institutional mutations…

For the INTA International Secretariat, this will be a wonderful opportunity to share the worries, but also the hopes of all that have directly or indirectly participated in this Initiative… This will also be the occasion to ratify our engagement to continue our approach toward the diffusion and sharing of experiences for a city that is more innovative, more balanced, more responsible, and more dynamic.

Read the Ouest France article about Jean-Yves Chapuis, who was there.






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